From the March 2004 Idaho Observer:

White House, national media silent on results of independent 9/11 report

Author indicates days of neocon control of military, government, are numbered

by The Idaho Observer

Alex Jones broadcast an extremely important interview with Colonel Donn de Grand Pre (ret.) February 25, 2004. During the interview Grand Pre disclosed that two years ago he directed a select group of experienced military and civilian pilots through a non-stop, 72-hour symposium wherein the tragic events of 9/11 were analyzed based upon the available facts and evidence.

The group determined that the flight crews operating the four passenger liners allegedly crashing that day had no control of their aircraft.

While the symposium and the report that resulted generated interest in the foreign press, it failed to get a rise out of the national media.

During the interview, Grand Pre, a career military officer, international intelligence operative and author of “Barbarians Inside the Gates,” explained that the anonymous group of pilots “were a wonderful mix of commercial, military and civilian pilots.”

At the end of three days the decisions of the group were unanimous and Grand Pre went to work writing what turned out to be a 24-page report.

Report to the Joint Chiefs

The report was submitted it to the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Benjamin Meyers and found its way into the hands of the vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs January 23, 2002. “The General was U.S. Marine Corp General by the name Peter Pace. I got a telephone call March 5, 2002, from one of his horse holders, who is a Colonel Air Force type. He informed me that Gen. Peter Pace had gotten the 24 pages, that 500 copies had been made and that he and his Sec. had no comment at this time. The colonel ended the conversation by stating, “Semper Fi” or “Always Faithful.”

Grand Pre took that as hope the military recognizes the treachery of the civilian Bush administration and, when the time is right, will be there to do the right thing.

The Joint Chiefs reportedly sent the 500 copies of the report out to key people in the country -- including President Bush and members of his cabinet. Grand Pre believes that for the Joint Chiefs to have made 500 copies and then send them out is a sign that they believe the contents of the report have merit.

“So far the White House, whilst having received a copy of the report has remained silent as to its findings,” said Grand Pre.

The mainstream American news media has been equally silent as to the contents of Grand Pre's independent inquiry about the events of 9/11.

Correspondence between Grand Pre and General Pace went back and forth for several months. Most recently, Grand Pre received a letter from General Pace dated November 8, 2003. Grand Pre described the letter from General Pace as “carrying on not only about the investigation but about the three books that I have written since that time.”

About the same time the Joint Chiefs received the report, an article published in the Washington Times described that morale at the Pentagon was extremely low. Grand Pre said that sources inside the Pentagon confirmed the low morale and added that, “some of the troops are ready to mutiny. If it wasn't for the fact that the government, the civilian hierarchy, has control over retirements, there would probably be blood in the streets by now.”

9/11: An administrative coup d'etat

According to Grand Pre, the events of 9/11 were really an administrative coupe d'etat perpetrated by a cast of characters called neocons that include Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his assistant Paul Wolfowitz. The neocons “had been planning this thing for literally years prior to September 11th,” explained Grand Pre

Grand Pre has written three books under the title “Barbarians Inside the Gates.” Book 1 was “The Serpent's Sting,” Book 2 is “The Viper's Venom,” and Book 3, which just came out, is “The Rattler's Revenge.”

In Book 2, Grand Pre makes an important observation. “The trigger for the 9/11 activity was the imminent and unstoppable world-wide financial collapse which can only be prevented temporarily by a major war, perhaps to become known as World War III. To bring it off one more time, martial law will probably be imposed in the United States.”

Jones supported Grand Pre's ominous observation by stating that he has seen generals Eberhart and Franks both say war and martial law are the next step. “They are federalizing everything, they are militarizing everything, they're engaging in the classic takeover, are they not?” Jones asked Grand Pre.

“Yes, there are,” Grand Pre replied. “And from this, Alex, and I bring this out very clearly in book 3, the only way we can stop it is with the classic counter-coup d'etat, where the military steps in. And under the aegis of the military itself, disengaging or disemboweling the civilian hierarchy and taking over and re-running or re-organizing the federal government.”

Jones appeared skeptical of a military take-over of government and asked if some high level military brass were more allegiant to the Council on Foreign Relations' New World Order agenda than American national sovereignty.

“I can only say several of the highest level are members now of the Council on Foreign Relations. The important thing to consider is how many of them are sincere in their beliefs as enunciated by the CFR. I believe there are several sleepers and I believe I know some of them personally who are three and four-star generals. They are members of the CFR but 'their heart belongs to Jesus,' if I can use that expression because they are true Semper Fidelity people. Some of them happen to be Marines. And I'm counting on them to do the right thing. And I bring this out in book 3,” Grand Pre explained.

Grand Pre told Jones that he is in weekly personal contact with the Joint Chiefs and other select people. He believes 70 percent of the higher ranking military, field grade officers and the first three grades of the enlisted ranks are “with us.”

Neocon days numbered

Grand Pre believes the civilian neocons have temporarily taken over the Pentagon but that their days are numbered. Evidence of this fact was revealed in last February when neocon “madman” Richard Perl resigned.

Grand Pre also mentioned that, since an attempt was made on his life in Baghdad, Paul Wolfowitz has been laying pretty low and vice-President Dick Cheney, whom he describes as “a coward,” hardly ever “surfaces anymore.”

Gran Pre's books are extremely authoritative and are recommended reading for those seeking to understand current events from the perspective a military/international intelligence insider. Barbarians Inside the Gates, Books 1, 2 and 3 are high-quality, library-grade editions published by Grand Pre's daughter Doneva.

To obtain these books or make further inquiries, send correspondence to:

Grand Pre Publishing, Ltd.
PO Box 1124
Madison, Virginia 22727

Books 1 and 2 are $30 each plus $3.85 for priority postage. Book 3, at 608 pages, is $45 per copy plus postage.

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