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Pharmaceutical beast exposed as vaccine awareness network expands

We in the computer age call it “networking” but, really, we are just getting back to the basics of talking to one another and leaning on our neighbors for the assurance and the information we need to stand strong for what is right. Now that its obvious the “experts” have let us down in so many areas, we depend on each other. And it's working. People are waking up and talking to each other about things that matter again.

By Ingri Cassel

On the heels of several mainstream news articles highlighting the lack of short or long term safety studies conducted on U.S.-licensed vaccines, health freedom activists are increasing the size of their ranks. We are becoming a unified force capable of effectively countering the current bureaucracy forcing many parents to submit to state sanctioned medical experimentation or risk losing custody of their children.

More and more parents are becoming skeptical of pro-vaccine information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Immunization Action Coalition when they find out that thimerosal, a mercury derivative in many childhood vaccines, has been linked to the epidemic rise in autism spectrum disorders.

Even the CDC recently sent out an alarming memo -- Autism A.L.A.R.M. -- citing that the current statistics for autism spectrum disorders nationwide is 1 in 166 children while an astounding 1 in 6 children now suffer from some developmental disorder and/or a behavioral problem.

What is obvious to the parents of many of these children and what this flyer neglects to mention is the alarming increase of vaccines included in the CDC's recommended vaccine schedule as a likely contributing factor.

Many recent articles have cited telling quotes from Congressman Dan Burton, whose grandson is autistic after receiving 62.5 mcg. of mercury in one hour via his scheduled vaccines at a well baby checkup.

The amount of mercury Burton's grandson received (along with millions of other children) is 41 times the maximum daily exposure considered safe by the EPA.

What parents are discovering is that the symptoms of mercury poisoning are incredibly similar to a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Burton is livid about the lack of vaccine safety standards in place and discovered, during a Congressional Oversight Committee hearing, that thimerosal (ethyl mercury) was produced by Eli Lily as a promising preservative in many medicines. To determine its safety profile, Eli Lily conducted the only human toxicity studies to date on thimerosal in September, 1930 -- on a group of patients who were already dying from meningococcal meningitis. All the patients tested died. The result of thimerosal poisoning or meningitis is anyone's guess.

Death by Medicine

In November, 2003, the Nutrition Institute of America published an extensive report, “Death by Medicine” summarizing the research of a team of medical doctors and scholars headed by Gary Null, Ph.D. A condensed version of this report was printed in the March, 2004 edition of Life Extension magazine (

This is definitely one of the most important articles to hit the Internet in recent years due to it's clear citation of factual statistics proving that the pharmaceutical industry, along with its minions (doctors and hospitals), are the leading cause of sickness and death in this country.

Here are a couple of the statistics cited in “Death by Medicine”:

* Total number of deaths caused by allopathic medicine annually -- 999,936 (In contrast, for the year 2001, deaths attributed to heart disease -- 699,697; cancer -- 553,251).

* The economic cost associated with these deaths - $282 billion annually.

* Out of 16.4 million people entering a hospital, approximately 23 percent are at risk for acquiring a nosocomial infection, a serious adverse drug reaction, or becoming a victim of procedural or doctor-induced error.

* In 1995, Dr. Richard Besser of the CDC estimated the number of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections was about 20 million. “In 2003, Dr. Besser spoke in terms of tens of millions of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually.”

Cat out of doctor's bag

In the December 2003 and January 2004 editions of The Idaho Observer we reported on several important articles hitting the mainstream presses that cite the cozy relationship between drug companies and federal government research and watchdog agencies.

The most important one, in my opinion, was the culmination of five years of independent research. “Stealth Merger: Drug Companies and Medical Research” was published in the LA Times December 14, 2003 and spurred a flurry of inquiries by Congress into the protocols used in operating the National Institutes for Health (NIH), citing the obvious conflicts of interest governing their research.

This one article alone should cast doubt on every drug approved by the FDA, all remedies researched by the NIH and all CDC-dictated national public health policies.

And the beat goes on

At the same time these indicting news reports are coming out, doctors have increased their reporting of parents to Child Protection Services (CPS) for failure to honor their vaccine and prescription drug recommendations. Once CPS is called in, parents are given the choice to either drug and vaccinate their children or risk losing custody of them to the state.

Thanks to the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), state social services agencies now have the financial incentive to take custody of your children.

A recent headline in our local newspaper, “Infant's Injury Leads to Arrest,” prompted me to see more clearly the extent the medical profession will go to cover up their crimes against humanity.

Since most people are ignorant of the physical repercussions of formula feeding, microwaving food, exposure to heavy metals and chemicals such as fluoride and aspartame through our food and water, excessive antibiotic use, and the injections of Hepatitis B vaccine and vitamin K at birth, babies are dying in record numbers.

Coroners used to diagnose “unexplained” infant deaths as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Now, due to the practice of administering multiple vaccines at each well baby check up combined with the excessive administration of toxic drugs to both mother and baby, Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is now reaching “epidemic” proportions across America.

One case gaining notoriety in Pennsylvania is that of the Mullenax/Mendez family. Lisa Mullenax lost her baby and now her husband, Alejandro Mendez, to a false charge of SBS in the death of their three-and-a-half-month-old son, Lucas.

Medical experts such as Dr. Mohammed Al Bayati, a well-known toxicologist and pathologist, have examined both Mullenax and Baby Lucas' medical records, exonerating Mendez of any violence inflicted on his son prior to Lucas' untimely death. Despite these thorough analyses of their medical records and point-by-point refutation of coroner Dr. Samuel Land's findings, Centre County DA Ray Gicar is seeking the death penalty for Alejandro Mendez. According to their website, there are currently 25 SBS cases being prosecuted in Pennsylvania.

“This is not an isolated incident. All these children died of an overdose of medication. This problem is all over the United States,” Dr. Al-Bayati stated in reference to accusations of murder by parents of infants diagnosed with shaken baby syndrome.

A cool million

In Idaho, the latest trend is to post bond at $1 million for an SBS charge. Such was the bond in the case of Kirk Pinner, an Australian who was extradited to Boise, Idaho, to face SBS charges and was found guilty by a jury February 23. His sentencing is in April. Pinner's $1 million bond was the highest ever in Idaho history and beyond state guidelines for bonds involving attempted murder. The second $1 million bond we are aware of was set in the latest SBS case in Idaho: The case of Rex Alan Lawton III, a man accused of shaking his 4-month-old son, causing brain and retinal hemorrhaging and a skull fracture.

We think it is mighty telling that his son likely had a 4-month well baby check up and was bopped with seven to nine antigens along with toxic adjuvants and preservatives in four to five injections.

Shaken Maybe Syndrome

For those who believe that violent shaking is the only logical explanation for such injuries, consider the following from Alan Yurko's article “Shaken Maybe Syndrome” that is posted on the Shaken Baby Syndrome conference at

“The medical literature cites nearly 100 differential diagnoses that can mimic the symptoms of SBS, and most of the differential diagnoses are not based on a theory or a syndrome, as SBS is. Most doctors are not educated in these diagnoses; rather, they are taught that when certain brain hemorrhages and/or retinal hemorrhages occur without plausible explanation from the caretakers, then it must be SBS.

“Current biomechanical studies reveal that shaking alone without impact does not produce the forces necessary to create the cerebral changes cited in SBS. They also show that short distance falls and tumbles can and do produce such conditions. However, if a parent explains that their child had a short fall, they are often accused of lying. It, therefore, is no surprise that parents are dealt with even more harshly if they suggest that recent immunizations may have a causal relationship in the symptoms produced. In fact, vaccines have been shown to produce both cerebral and retinal hemorrhages.

“The vast majority of cases are circumstantial at best, with no witnesses or smoking guns. Only the opinions of doctors and social workers are used to decide guilt or innocence. The police and child protection agencies even claim that there are rarely any witnesses because the abusers hide their crimes.”

Because medicine does no harm

So we have a serious problem that is epidemic across America: The transference of blame for sickness, injury and death from the real perpetrators, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and their minions -- doctors, hospitals, public health departments, law enforcement and social service agents -- to parents. Don't forget that your children can be taken from you if you attempt to buck the system and “they” find out. Not bothering to obtain health insurance (or disease assurance in my book); not keeping up with well baby check ups; refusing to allow the administration of vaccines or drugs to your child; being a vegetarian (despite the logic of this choice considering the current state of our meat supply) and/or homeschooling of your children, now justify the state taking custody of your children. Forget informed choice in today's Amerika, the only viable choice for the masses is to go along with the self-proclaimed, state-sanctioned experts' recommendations.

The Solution

Forming a VacLib Chapter in your state is the first step to a solution. It is imperative to increase public visibility of truthful information on vaccines and naturopathic-based healthcare. New chapters have formed in six states since January 2004. Once you are aware of the Beast -- “OmniCorp” -- you will be compelled to be part of the solution.

When I lived in Moses Lake, Washington, I was part of a network of women that empowered mothers to stay home with their children by forming an organic food buying club and purchasing homeschooling supplies at wholesale prices. We also took care of one another through our network. If a mother had a baby, we organized meals for their family for the first week for optimum bonding. If a mother got sick, we organized round the clock care to keep that mom home and out of the hospital.

This same networking is what I envision for Vaccination Liberation chapters across the country. But now we need to be supportive in many more ways than I have just mentioned. Imagine a phone tree of women in your community who have decided that what is best for their children is being a stay-at-home mom providing naturopathic health care and homeschooling for their children. Increase this network to 25 or more moms and we have a force to contend with. The fact that these vaccine-free children are vitally healthy and curious about the world they are born in -- clearly not part of “Autism Alarm's” 1 in 6 figure -- will prove to be a problem for the implementation of OmniCorp's New World Order plans.

But how do we stand up without “fear” to this looming Beast? By never allowing a person in your network to stand alone. If a person in your network is being targeted by CPS, make sure she has the support of your network. Have a phone tree that can be copied for the rest of the “members” to utilize. Have public support group meetings to make sure your network is visible.

It is from these meetings that a viable network develops. The Beast picks on those who are isolated and not well networked. It is up to us to make sure our networks are strong.

This is truly a spiritual “battle.” The choices we make everyday are a barometer of where we are at in our relationship with God and our purpose here at this time. Every decision we make in our daily lives is a choice of selfishness or service; fear or love.

Will YOU be part of the solution and help those in your community stand up to OmniCorp? Our children's lives are at stake. In fact, the future of independent thinking and healthy progeny is at stake.

Is this not what Christ was crucified for -- our sins? Let us not sin anymore. Let us truly love and help our brethren as Christ taught us.

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