From the February 2004 Idaho Observer:


From the vantage point of this desk I can say with absolute certainty that ingenious people have solved the world's political, economic, environmental, social and technological problems. Some of the most dedicated people this country has ever produced have done the work. Their peer-reviewable research on a variety of subjects and well-documented experiences have proven a plethora of critical truths beyond a shadow of doubt. The only obstacle in the way of a world we can all be proud of is our inability to make this information available to the masses.

What would the world be like if we had access to free, non-polluting energy? How would the world's social structure change if its people knew how their bodies worked and they were able to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat real food? If the marketplace for petroleum products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals disappeared, how much influence would their producers have over our lives? Who would own our property and ourselves if we were instructed from childhood as to the true nature of money and our rights and responsibilities as a citizen in a free society? Would people still accept the lies of politicians and “experts” as truth if the historical relationships between governments and the common man began being taught to them in kindergarten?

Give yourself a few moments to think about the trickle-down effect should conditions described in the paragraph above come to pass. Call me an idealist, but I see a world transformed: I see a world that works; a world where intelligence reigns, justice prevails and the more Christlike aspects of human nature govern the actions of men, women, boys and girls; I see a world where decency and virtue are rewarded.

The problem with realizing such a world is the same as it has always been: The masses are so busy surviving under the yoke of various forms of slavery they haven't the time to think for themselves. The information is there, waiting for them, but most people are too tired and too overwhelmed to learn it on their own. Those who do have a little time (or interest) find the truth contradicting what they have been conditioned to believe since birth. As a result, very few minds are able to adopt new ways of thinking and doing based on this new information.

There is another factor that has been observed throughout history: A handful of people do think for themselves, expend tremendous energy frantically attempting to alert anyone who will listen only to be branded insane for their well-intended actions.

While for centuries our “messages” showing the imminence of various perils and the need for immediate change may be scientifically and historically accurate, we frequently fail in our capacity as “messengers” to instigate meaningful reforms. Because messengers can be counted on to remain ineffective in altering the status quo, rulers continue to abuse and exploit the common people at will.

Our fate as a nation is inevitable unless we rally popular support for changes in key areas critical to the survival of our culture. As messengers, our job is to find the mechanism that will convince a majority of Americans to demand an abolishment of destructive government policies. We must convince government that the common man is not a row crop to be harvested or a weed to be killed but a child of God deserving their compassion and respect.

Failure at this time is acceptable only to those who find comfort in the darkness an extinguished American flame will bring to the peoples of the world.

The Idaho Observer intends to use you -- our readers, supporters and contributors -- as ambassadors of correct thinking. While most people are not ready for The Idaho Observer itself, they are open to carefully organized and worded, single-subject matter publications addressing specific issues in psychologically-appealing packages. We have produced such publications, or tools, ourselves. Other excellent, easy to read and understand pamphlets are also available.

To say we cannot reverse America's downward spiral into technotyranny is only accurate if we do nothing to prevent it. Thomas Paine rallied popular support for the cause of independence by publishing the right words and using believers to spread them in pamphlets. Modern Tom Paines are finding the right words and we believers must help instill those words into the hearts and minds of our confused and embattled people.

Be heartened -- truth is on our side. Now, go forward in faith that your well-placed and well-intended efforts will aid in the restoration of our free republic. ~DWH

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