From the February 2004 Idaho Observer:

Alleged “stand down” order consistent with mounting tensions on southern border

The following information was shared with me by some federal law enforcement and Border Patrol officials in the San Diego area.

According to reliable sources, Border Patrol has received a document from headquarters in Washington, D.C. which orders them to stand down and avoid all contact with any “military” looking units crossing into the United States. This comes at a time when incursions are at an all time high and drug cartels are also using Mexican military to escort their drugs into the United States well into the territory beyond 1-5 miles (I am trying to get a copy of this document now).

My Mexican contacts are still investigating the recent incursions into the United States by unmarked Mexican Military in the Cochise county, Arizona area as of last week or two.

The Attorney General of Mexico is going to be contacted thruough one of my own contacts regarding this incident.

In the meantime, our own U.S. Border Patrol units are being ordered to “observe” and not get involved. This is a common tactic used by spineless people in charge of our own national defense. This is NOT what is supposed to happen. Our people are supposed to be fully armed and equipped to handle these types of heavily armed incursions.

What is Tom Ridge doing about this? What is Bush doing about this?

You don't give the traffickers free space to operate and move. You stop them dead in their tracks and leave a body count! Investigate this or be prepared to explain the negative outcome to innocent Americans who have been vandalized, robbed and murdered. Yes, murdered. Read my lips...Americans have been murdered by illegals.

Contact your own Congressman and Senator and ask them what the hell they are doing about this? Share this information with everyone you know.

John Carman

Former U.S. Customs (16 years)

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