From the February 2004 Idaho Observer:

Fragmenting the American Republic

by Hari Heath

The greatest illusion of all is the belief that we still have a country. The Constitution that formed our Republic has been trashed by the usurpers and abandoned long ago. Perhaps the greatest act of national destruction was the War of Northern Aggression by the federalists of Lincoln's era. The remaining fragments have been kept around for show purposes -- to maintain the illusion of nationhood. And the show goes on.

Successive waves of fragmentation and departure from what our nation's Founders founded have repainted the canvas of the nation.

The “Reconstruction Era” merged with the “Industrial Revolution” to begin our national incorporation and the privatization of political power. “Manifest Destiny” proponents claimed Americans were a chosen people ordained by God to create a model society; “the fulfillment of our manifest destiny to overspread the continent [is] allotted by Providence,” John O'Sullivan wrote.

American ingenuity was harnessed by the Robber Barons whose financing met the technological challenges of the Industrial Age. As resources met the machines of man a continent was conquered.

The prosperity of expansionism fueled the “Roaring 20s,” until the next wave of fragmentation swept the land.

The financiers orchestrated the Great Depression and brought in FDR and his “New Deal.” A depressed America was taught the merits of “government benefits” and dependency in this wave of socialism.

The Great War once again motivated American ingenuity and unified the nation against enemies that were funded by the same financial elite that controlled America's purse strings. Riding the wave of this technological expansion, fueled by what was now a totally fiat economy, Americans who applied themselves, prospered.

But not everyone applied themselves in the land of opportunity. Limited by race, creed or indolence, many fell through the cracks of the American dream. Along came LBJ and his “Great Society” plan. Communism/socialism was now the law of the land.

Not a hand up, but rather a hand out, a new social class was born in LBJ's welfare state. The Great Society rewarded indolence and dependency. In the due course of time, this further fragmented the republic. We became burdened with the support of the unwilling; the entitled.

The idea of a limited government confined by a Constitution was simply outrun with an end run around the Republic. And the technological expansion in our society paralleled the expansion of the “from-thin-air” fiat economy, which paralleled the growth of the governing force at an exponential rate.

So where does that leave us, as America follows Rome to ruin? The fragments of our nation and culture are separating before our very eyes, yet all we do is watch. And wait for the inevitable, as history repeats itself again.

A religious question

Most people fail to understand the importance of keeping church and state separate. Many claim the First Amendment does not allow the state to offer support to any religious affiliation. They even take this to the point of denying the presence of religious symbols in public areas, therefore violating the other side of the constitutional protection by “prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

But that argument misses the point entirely. Church and state must be kept separate so that the state doesn't become a religion. Government is not something to be believed in and followed faithfully. It should be questioned and challenged by a vigilant population.

Politicians should not be revered and exalted. They need a strong leash and frequent commands from the citizens they serve.

But we haven't been vigilant, nor have we kept the state separate from religion. The faithful masses are now distracted with the presidential competition. Each candidate's crowd is rallying with a fevered pitch as if the savior was coming.

The candidates prophesy how they would somehow be different than all the other politicians who have gone before them -- if only we believed in them and gave them our vote. But does it matter this time?

The fix is in

Howard Dean was once the front-runner, but it now looks like a false start. How did things turn south for Dean, and who was behind it?

With Kerry coming on, in a quick sweep, what levers were pulled? Are the public opinion creating polls that effective? Do we believe what we are told when we are told what we believe?

Could it be some fiends at Diebold, the voting machine company? The electronic voting machine scandal is emerging as another crime of the century. As Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin said, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

The military/industrial complex which now governs our nation has logically extended itself to vote counting. Our new wave of electronic vote counting is made possible by the likes of Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, Accenture, Diversified Dynamics and General Dynamics.

The new touchscreen electronic voting machines data could be completely insecure and accessible through a common database program, like Microsoft Access. Investigative Journalist Bev Harris, author of the soon to be published book “Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering In The 21st Century,” focused on investigating the actual software distributed by one of the largest voting systems companies operating in the recent U.S. Elections. Bev Harris learned that people around the world had been downloading from an open FTP site belonging to Diebold Election Systems. Their website contained several gigabytes of files including manuals, source codes and installation versions of numerous parts of the Diebold voting system, and of its vote counting program, GEMS. The GEMS election file contains more than one “set of books.” They are hidden from the person running the GEMS program, but you can see them if you go into Microsoft Access.

Diebold voting machines are used in 37 states. The entire state of Ohio is considering dumping its old system to buy Diebold. Georgia already did.

Lynn Landes in her article, Questions Mount Over New Hampshire's Primary, presents an interesting scenario:

“Only one company, Massachusetts-based LHS Associates, Inc., programs and services all of New Hampshire's optical (ballot) scanners. Only two manufacturers, GOP-friendly Diebold and ES&S, provide all of the state's scanning equipment. And only Microsoft's Excel software tallies the results of all of those machines. Unlike many states that allow ballot-less voting, in 1995 the New Hampshire legislature passed a law that requires paper ballots in all elections. Has this law made New Hampshire's voting system any more secure? Twenty percent of the ballots are hand-counted, but 80% are optically scanned - a technology that has a long history of being highly vulnerable to election fraud, which is documented in various reports as well as in the book, VoteScam: The Stealing of Democracy.

“Martin Bento published online an interesting analysis of New Hampshire's election results based on the voting systems used. According to Bento, Howard Dean lost to John Kerry by only 1.6% when the ballots were hand-counted, 9.7% when ES&S optical scanners were used, and 14.7% on Diebold scanners.”

For more background on Diebold Systems and their connections to the Republican Party see: Diebold - The Face Of Modern Ballot Tampering

Skull and Bones vs. Skull and Bones

Besides making a mockery of democracy, look what the demons at Diebold appear to have accomplished with the help of a complicit media. All other candidates be damned, we now are headed to a contest between two Skull and Bones members. Both Kerry and Bush have openly admitted on national television that they are members of the elite secret society of Skull and Bones headquartered at Yale University. Both also immediately terminated further inquiry about the organization by saying “it's secret.” (For streaming video clips of their admissions visit

Do we have a country left when an elite cabal of Bonesmen have commandeered the election process?

And does it matter who is president anyway? Ultimately, this whole hoopla is about three things: 1) maintaining the show so people continue to believe in the religion of government; 2) acquiring and spending lots of campaign money; and 3) installing the chief script reader/ CEO of U.S. Corp, AKA, OmniCorp.

By now it should be obvious to the astute observer that a shadow government runs the show and hires its performers like the current script reader, George W.

Why do the shadow operators need to replace the current script reader? Frankly, he's not very good at it. Inarticulate at best, his diatribe is wearing thin. And many hard core Republicans are in a state of disgust over Bush's many policy and public relations blunders.

The Border War

One of the Bush administration's most outrageous blunders is the illegal immigrant amnesty program, coming soon to a Congress near you. The Border War is just that. While Bush has our military occupying foreign lands and killing innocent civilians for pretended excuses like weapons of mass destruction and terrorism, he is turning a blind eye to an actual invasion of our own nation.

Let's take Cochise county, Arizona, as an example of the invasion. It is the number-one crossing point for illegal aliens into our nation. For fiscal year 2000, the total apprehensions within Cochise county was 289,200, an average of 790 per day. For 1999, the total was “only” 202,868. The number of illegal alien apprehensions in Cochise county increased over 500 percent from 1995 to 2000.

This past year, the number of illegal aliens caught in Cochise county was three times the county's resident population. Ron Sanders, former Sector Chief of the Tucson Sector, estimates that for every one caught, five more get through. This means that over three million illegal aliens successfully entered the United States through Arizona in just one year.

More than half of that number entered through Cochise county.

On a 24-hour basis, 450 to 550 Border Patrol agents and Sheriffs deputies catch an average of 790 of the estimated 4,050 illegal immigrants crossing the border in this one Arizona county. And those are the year 2000 numbers.

How have things been since the Bush amnesty plan was announced? U.S. Border Patrol apprehensions in the Tucson Sector increased 28 percent this January, compared with January 2003. Over half of the apprehensions were in Cochise county. Many of the illegal aliens questioned why they were being detained. “We have come for our amnesty,” one Mexican man told a Border Patrol agent.

This is not the only invasion of our country. Rep. Tom Tancredo, a Colorado Republican said he has information that, since 1996, there have been 118 incursions into America by Mexican forces, 61 by the Mexican military and 57 by Mexican law enforcement. He said 60 percent of the time the Mexicans were armed.

The Mexican military is known to provide cover and support for drug smugglers and illegal immigrants. Border Patrol agents have been shot at by uniformed Mexican troops in military vehicles operating on American soil.

A crime wave, including rape, murder, kidnapping, theft and destruction of private property is attributed to the flood of illegal aliens.

Does Bush really want to protect our nation from “thugs?” Not with his open border policy.

For more info on the border war visit:

The big picture

And what will be the end result of this policy that encourages swarms of “guest workers?” Consider the trends of our time.

We were led to believe that our future lied in the information age. Many were lured into the opportunities of the computer age. We would prosper “working” at a keyboard. Then we dot-bombed as this fantasy failed. Now, information technology opportunities are more likely to be found in India.

Global marketing and “free trade” have put a similar wrench in the gears of American manufacturing. Much of the manufacturing sector has been “outsourced,” and with it the American dream.

The middle class is now struggling, trying not to straddle the fence at the poverty line. As the trends continue, the dollar slides, the deficit soars and outsourcing becomes a way of life, can Americans compete with Bush's guest workers?

And who benefits? His corporate cronies will find a steady stream of low wage earners, eager for any opportunity, once we all become accustomed to the short end of the stick. And the globalists will find us too busy surviving as they lay down the next wave of fragmentation in their New World agenda.

From thin air

And what will we be surviving on? Will we continue to attach our every effort to that fantastic fantasy called a dollar? The real dollar, mandated by the Constitution and prescribed as a silver coin by Congress in 1792, has long since fallen by the wayside. The Federal Reserve usurper's dollar now reigns supreme, although at only four per cent of its original value, and falling fast.

The main problem with American economic thinking is the misguided notion that “the dollar” is a constant. Just as we have allowed government to become a religion, the dollar is affixed in our minds as a sacrosanct standard by which all can be measured. In reality the inverse is true.

Our dollar is literally created from thin air by being loaned into circulation at the whim of a private banking cartel sanctioned by Congress 90 years ago. Bankers allow themselves, by the fractional reserve process, to make more of the stuff whenever they deem it necessary. There is nothing constant about a private fiat monetary system except the inherent inflation caused by adding more “air” to the balloon.

Yet another “proof” of the fictional economy we live under is the new mini-industry called the mortgage elimination process. Its premise is simple: Since the bank or credit company which gave you a loan didn't really loan you any money; and because they failed to adhere to their own fractional reserve policies when they created the money out of thin air, you don't owe them what they never had in the first place. The mortgage elimination process proves this fact under commercial procedures and your “debt” vanishes back into the thin air from whence it came.

But the problem with such fictional fiat economies is that everyone on the global stage wants to play too. It's no longer a quiet scheme of European and American bankers.

And on this stage, the balloon of thin air we call our dollar is precariously perched on a pin.

Ready to pop

The following excerpts from the BBC illuminate the global economic theater.

“G7 finance ministers condemned “excess volatility” in exchange rates. The warning was a dig at the way U.S. authorities have encouraged the dollar's slide. The dollar has sunk rapidly against the yen, the pound and the euro in recent months, in the face of apparent tacit U.S. sanction of its decline.

“The weight of massive U.S. trade and government deficits has added to the downward pressure, along with the persistence of rock-bottom U.S. interest rates. The trend has worried policy-makers elsewhere, who fear their own fragile economic recoveries could be damaged if their exports are priced out of the lucrative U.S. market.

“The U.S. blames China for keeping its exchange rate artificially low and in turn hurting U.S. exports.”

“The U.S. has a very large deficit in its trade with the rest of the world. The deficit is seen by many as a case of exporting American jobs -- so they would like a weaker dollar.”

“China has come under increasing pressure to adjust the value of the yuan, with many countries arguing that the currency is undervalued -- thus giving Chinese exporters an advantage on the world market. China has fixed the yuan at about 8.28 to the dollar since 1994.

“The U.S. has led calls for China to adjust or float its currency, with U.S. industry arguing that the low rate is responsible for job losses. The U.S. National Association of Manufacturers has said the yuan is up to 40% undervalued, giving China's exporters an unfair advantage.”

“The euro has climbed for most of 2003, closing the year at a record high. The weak eurozone economy has not been helped by the high euro, which makes exports more expensive. The growing U.S. trade deficit has weakened the U.S. dollar, and markets have become convinced that the U.S. will not intervene to prop up its currency.”

“How low has the dollar fallen? It's breaking all sorts of records. The pound is way out in front, and is currently at an 11-year high. The euro boasts an all-time high, but it has only existed since 1999; elsewhere in Europe, the Swiss franc is at its strongest since 1996, and the Swedish krona and Norwegian kronor have hit post-1997 highs.

“The yen, meanwhile, held in check by Japan's central bank, can only manage a three-year high.

“The euro, the currency that everyone seems to be watching most closely, has now gained 16.5% against the dollar this year alone, and fully 45% since its historic low of 84 U.S. cents in July, 2001.

“What's behind all this? The U.S. economy is pretty perky at the moment, growing by more than 8% at the last count. But this has produced a curious effect.

“As U.S. growth outpaces the global average, its consumers pull in ever more imports, and the country needs to borrow to finance the trade and current-account deficits that result. Globally, goods and services flow into the U.S., while cash flows out, producing a constant pressure on the value of the greenback.

“U.S. interest rates are at a 45-year low of 1%, scarcely a great lure for the international flows of capital that govern exchange rates. And Washington's once-ironclad commitment to a strong dollar seems to have waned, perhaps because politicians realize that America stands to gain from having a weaker currency.

“International companies will suffer uncertainty and complicated book-keeping. And because commodities such as metals and crops are traded in dollars, their prices may have to rise; gold and oil have both boomed as the dollar fell.”

“Japanese Finance Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki has said he will take 'decisive' steps to keep a strong yen from hurting the economy. The currency has again risen, despite intervention by the Bank of Japan to push it back down. In September, the Bank of Japan sold yen worth almost $40bn in an attempt to constrain the currency.

“According to traders, the Bank of Japan has set 110 yen as its maximum dollar rate, a level that it will defend with all the resources at its disposal. But markets are usually able to defeat even the most implacable central bank intervention, and there have previously been reports that the bank had spent all the funds it had set aside for supporting the dollar.

“Elsewhere in Asia, too, there is concern over exchange rates. The U.S. dollar on Wednesday hit a five-and-a-half-year low against the Australian currency. In India, the dollar hit a three-year low against the rupee.”

“Is there an upside? Not much of one. Can the dollar go much lower? Most people seem to think so. The general consensus is that the pressure on the dollar will persist: Although the declining dollar has hit the headlines this week, the factors behind it are long-term, structural issues that are not going to go away.

“Options this time around are limited, however: interest rates in Europe and especially Japan are unlikely to fall much further, and there does not generally seem to be the sort of global consensus needed to coordinate efforts.

“The dollar seems likely to fall: Betting just how far is one of the best ways imaginable to lose even more money.”

Unraveling 9/11

Meanwhile, the facade of the official story of the events of September 11 are beginning to crack. Americans are now protesting at ground zero proclaiming that the Bush administration was behind the “attacks.” Europeans who have researched the issue use the word “orchestrated” to describe the administration's involvement. And a 9-11 victim's widow is suing President Bush for his complicity in the event.

New and damming evidence is emerging that proves not only foreknowledge, but the advance set-up of the tragedy. Larry Silverstein, the controller of the destroyed WTC complex stated in a PBS documentary, in reference to World Trade Center Building 7, “I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.”

“Pull” is a professional term for the controlled demolition of a building. There are several problems with this scenario and the official story of an attack by terrorists. First is the relatively small fire in a portion of the 47-story building. Not enough fire to cause the building to collapse on its own, or to require its demolition. Then there is the video evidence of a perfect controlled demolition of Building 7.

Slight problem. Setting up a building for a controlled demolition takes days or weeks under ideal conditions. It was pulled on the afternoon of 9-11 while it was still on fire. Were these charges set before 9/11?

Another problem -- at least one Secret Service agent was still inside when it was pulled. That makes either Silverstein or a NYFD commander culpable for at least manslaughter.

The consequences so far? In February of 2002 Silverstein Properties won $861 million from Industrial Risk Insurers to rebuild on the site of WTC 7. Silverstein Properties' estimated investment in WTC 7 was $386 million. The result? A profit of about $500 million! For more details visit:

If voting is no longer an option; our economy is on the verge of a collapse; we're being invaded with the consent of a leader who is more interested in justifying his unjustifiable foreign invasions; and when we are led to the inescapable conclusion that our own government and its corporate partners are the terrorists who attacked us, is it all over for our former American republic -- except for the funeral?

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