From the January 2004 Idaho Observer:

Of, by and for OmniCorp

The constitutional republic has been overrun by federal fascists

Fascism is the form of government resulting from the merger of government and corporate interests. Black's Law Dictionary (4th edition) defines a fascist as, “[A] totalitarian; a believer in the corporate state; one opposed to the exercise of democratic methods or of civil liberties; high handed.”

The national government of limited, checked and balanced powers and responsibilities described in the Constitution no longer exists. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., is an entity whose scope of unchecked authority appears limited only by the imagination of its executive officers in the White House and its board of directors on Capitol Hill. From the ashes of the American dream has risen an influence-peddling monopoly best described as “OmniCorp.”

Every aspect of the American experience has been affected by OmniCorp: Small family farms have been replaced by large corporate farms; small local mercantiles, publishers, cleaning services, parts suppliers and service stations have been replaced by large corporate superstores. Family-owned restaurants have been replaced by national corporate chains. Small, local banks, community mortgage and loan companies have been bought out by powerful, multi-billion dollar financial corporations and locally-owned utilities have been merged into the investment portfolios of dividend-dealing holding companies.

The OmniCorp construct feeds off every bankruptcy and merger resulting in the closure of a small business.

Since the end of WWII, the political and economic viability of working Americans has steadily diminished. While working Americans struggle to maintain their lifestyle and pay off their credit cards, they haven't noticed that a new, elite class of American has grabbed the reins of policy-making power in the land of the free.

At every level of federal government one can clearly see how corporate executives and political officers, from the White House on down, interchange with one another. As you will see in this edition of The IO, there are no longer any pretenses: Conflicts of interest between corporations and government is how public policy is created, implemented and enforced. Americans are forced to pay direct taxes on their wages, consume toxic medications, eat poison-containing foods, drink fluoridated and chlorinated water, obey ridiculous regulations, fight and die for unjust causes and suffer whatever fate they are handed by a judge regardless of laws and simple human decency.

It is impossible to argue that such policies are beneficial to the American people. Therefore, it is illogical to argue that our representatives in government, “elected” or otherwise, are representing the interests of the American people. We must then wonder, “Whose interests are they representing?”

The answer is OmniCorp -- a fictitious name The IO has coined to describe an incestuous worldwide web of federal fascists whose sole motivation is the ruthless exploitation of resources (including people) and the monopolizing of marketplaces.

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