From the December 2003 Idaho Observer:

From the Editor's Desk:

Sidestepping the machine

We can't seem to beat them no matter how hard we try. We can't join them, either, because to do so would trade principle for fear or greed-motivated convenience. How, then, are we (and our deep-seated principles of honor and decency) going to survive the gathering storm of injustice and oppression? How are we going to maintain an acceptable quality of life while resisting the government's insistence that we fall in line and be counted among all the other sheep?

We can sidestep the machine. Our keepers depend upon our voluntary participation in a variety of areas that mold us mentally and physically into creatures that can be easily regulated. By not volunteering certain behaviors, we can sustain an acceptable existence while not arousing an undue amount of official suspicion and anger.

Following are a few of the things we do automatically as if we are in training to be mindless members of the dispensable masses:

1. We eat government-approved processed foods

2. We drink and bathe in government-amended (fluoridated, chlorinated) water

3. We take government-recommended vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs

4. We pay government taxes for which we are not liable

5. We watch pro-government TV news and prime time programming

6. We read pro-government newspapers and magazines

7. We cast ballots in state-controlled and manipulated elections

8. We send our children to state schools

9. We use Federal Reserve Notes to buy and sell as if they were money

Let's take a look at how we would be more able to withstand forces intended to mold us into mindlessness if we stopped volunteering ourselves in the above areas:

1. If we ate healthier food our bodies would not accumulate harmful toxic chemicals such as artificial sweeteners, preservatives and flavor enhancers.

2. If we drank and bathed in clean water the cells of our bodies would be able to take in nutrients and eliminate waste properly.

3. If we eat good food and drink clean water and learn the basics of wholistic health, we would have no use for vaccines or pharmaceutical drugs and would not be subject to their chronic and debilitating side effects.

4. If we pay only the taxes for which we are liable we will be more able to improve the quality of our own lives and will not be supporting government policies not consistent with our principles.

5. If we spent our time thinking intelligently and productively we would not waste our time watching the pure idiocy that has become regular TV programming.

6. If we dedicated our reading time to books and magazines that support our beliefs and our interests we wouldn't be concerned about mainstream thinking.

7. If we took responsibility for our own actions we would have little interest in casting votes in electronically-controlled elections because our code of conduct would prevent us from being an accessory to fraud.

8. If we educated our own children or sent them to private schools that teach from perspectives supporting the values we intend to instill in them then we will not be raising our posterity to be mindless tools of government.

9. If we use alternative mediums of exchange such as Liberty Dollars and the barter system we will not be subject to the inflation, debt and regulatory scrutiny associated with the use of Federal Reserve notes.

Non participation is actually much simpler than nonviolent civil disobedience. All that is required to sidestep the machine is to consciously avoid eating and drinking poison; give unto government only that which we are required by law to give; read uplifting and informative material; watch only those things of educational value; teach your children to be moral, self-reliant citizens and; use real money instead of useless paper. (DWH)

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