From the December 2003 Idaho Observer:

The Sovereign Secession Solution

We live in a world where government has become a crime which fears detection. Amoral corporations reap and rape like there is no tomorrow. And the citizenry is being led to the slaughter. Is it time for the sovereign secession solution?

by Hari Heath

There have been a number of times when I encountered well meaning -- but generally ill-informed -- people who wanted to get the paperwork and fill out the forms to become a sovereign. They believed that becoming a sovereign was merely a matter of making the proper application and being granted such a benefit. Such is the nature of our socialistic programming.

But is this how we become a “sovereign?” Sovereign has been defined as: “a chief ruler with supreme power” (Bouvier's Law Dictionary 1870); “having superior or supreme rank or power” (The Oxford Universal Dictionary 1933, rev. 1955); “Paramount; supreme; self-governing; independent” (The American Heritage Dictionary 1969) “a person, body or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested” (Black's Law Dictionary 4th Ed.).

If one is sovereign, can one's servant (government) grant the master sovereign status? Consider what the Idaho Constitution has to say: “All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their equal protection and benefit, and they have the right to alter, reform or abolish the same whenever they may deem it necessary.” (Article One, Section Two).

Notice that the Constitution doesn't say some political power is inherent in the people and some belongs to the government. It makes an absolute declaration. If government is instituted for our benefit and all political power is inherent in each of us, we are the sovereign. The people are inherently the master and the government is the servant.

Inherent is defined as: “existing as an essential constituent or characteristic; intrinsic” (The American Heritage Dictionary 1969). But are we inherently as sovereign as we should be? Obviously not. Most of our fellow citizens, graduates of the government's school system, probably can't even spell sovereign.

Sovereign nature

What is the nature of our sovereignty? More than anything else, sovereignty is an attitude. An attitude of responsibility. To be “paramount; supreme; self-governing; independent,” inherently requires responsibility.

To let your servant (government) do some things for you is to delegate some of your responsibilities. The limited government envisioned in the Constitution is about delegating some authority to share some responsibilities in society.

But to let your servant dictate what you may or may not do is to surrender your sovereignty; to relinquish your responsibility; to become a slave of government.

In great measure, most Americans have surrendered and relinquished their paramount status. And the result is our corrupted condition of indenture to our servant-turned-master.

The sovereign vs. the unsovereign

How can we reverse this trend? It's a seemingly impossible task. Our former servant has turned into a monster. The monumental effort that would be required to reshackle our servant is made even more difficult when one considers how few people have the attitude of a sovereign. The relative handful of sovereigns left in America would have to reapply the shackles to their servant while swimming against a tide of humanity that has relinquished its responsibilities in favor of the many “benefits” that our servant-turned-master now offers.

Most Americans are suck-ups. They bought into the socialists' plan. The program has been installed and they wear their citizen tracking devices proudly. They belong to government's herd.

So what is the responsible thing for a sovereign to do, when fixing the problem is an increasingly impossible option? Secede, on an individual basis.

While you can't be part sovereign, anymore than you can be part pregnant, you can develop your sovereignty like a mother grows and nurtures a child. One piece at a time, assume personal responsibility and regain your sovereign status.

Sovereign solutions

If you were a responsible sovereign and you knew that banks and credit card companies made “money” out of thin air from the asset of your account; and that act of money creation was the cause of inflation -- a hidden tax paid to bankers -- what would you do?

You could secede from their system and deny them the asset by closing your account. Then convert their “money” to real money like the Liberty Dollar.

Use real money. When you find a retailer that won't accept real money, first try to educate them. Then, if they still won't accept real money, inform them you will be doing your business with a competitor who will accept it.

If you were a responsible sovereign, would you take government handouts? Is it responsible to have government take from others and give the loot to you? Ultimately, that's how socialism works.

Welfare is not the only handout. There are government contracts and government jobs. Have you checked the help wanted ads lately? Much of the work available is “work for the federal government,” often at outrageously high rates of pay for relatively unnecessary efforts.

Given the tragic hoax of September 11; the fallacy of the official story of the events; and the “security” apparatus that has arisen in its wake, can it be anything but the greatest welfare program since LBJ and FDR? How many have left the unemployment line and are now paid to violate your sovereign rights in the name of security?

Turn off the programs that are beamed to you by the media. Refuse to pay for or contribute to any media that debases the truth. Seek out and support the alternative media. Learn to discern.

Take your health seriously. It's your only real wealth. Learn what keeps you healthy and what doesn't. Make responsible choices.

Educate yourself about all the citizen tracking devices and systems that have been developed to monitor and control you. Sever your links to those systems or reroute them through artificial entities such as corporations or trusts. Control the data streaming that occurs from the use of credit cards, financial accounts and other gleaners of your personal information.

Plan ahead. Rely on yourself to get you through. Put away some necessities for the turbulent times ahead. Assume the responsibility for your own preparedness. Don't expect the collective to bail you out when times are tough.

Assume your inherent sovereign character with a responsible attitude. Become a self-governing, independent person, in which supreme authority is vested. Lead by example so that others may choose to engage their own sovereign course. One sovereign at a time we can secede, and “alter, reform or abolish” that crime which fears detection -- government.

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