From the December 2003 Idaho Observer:

“Governor” Mack vows to lead nation back to freedom by Utah example

PROVO, Utah -- Citizens Against Corrupt Law Enforcement Chairman Harold Raymond of Omaha, Nebraska, met with Richard Mack at a truck stop here to discuss the former sheriff's candidacy for the Utah governorship. “I'm telling the patriot community that I am here, I am standing for the Constitution and we are going to take this country back state by state,” said Mack.

A 20-year veteran of law enforcement, Mack has earned the respect of people all over the nation for his willingness to stand between peoples' constitutional rights and agents of oppression. “Let's face it, this is not my race, it is yours,” Mack stated. “If you want freedom restored, it must start here, my record speaks for itself, he added with a determined tone in his voice.

Mack recently coauthored the book “Vicki, Sam and America, How the Government Killed All Three” with Randy Weaver. The book is available for $20 from Mack by calling 1-800-834-2027 or by going to his website at

“If we don't stand behind Richard Mack for Utah governor in 2004, we may not have another chance. He deserves all the support we can give him,” Raymond stated.

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