From the November 2003 Idaho Observer:

Yurko Project Update:

Alan Yurko has served six years of a life-plus-10-year sentence for allegedly shaking his baby to death. Last March Yurko's appeal was granted. From prison this innocent man has mobilized an international coalition to prove in court that Baby Alan's death was caused by medical malpractice and vaccine-induced injuries. He just received proof the medical examiner lied in the autopsy.

Yurko's appeal, likely to be scheduled for early 2004, promises to be a showdown between global pharma loyalists and the international anti-vaccine movement.

ORLANDO, Florida -- The Yurko Project has just been able to confirm that Sashi Gore, MD, the medical examiner whose testimony was largely responsible for Alan Yurko receiving a life sentence for allegedly shaking his baby to death in 1996, lied. This evidence will be devastating to the state's case against Yurko which is up on appeal and will likely be heard early in 2004 in Florida District Court.

Gore told the court he performed a thorough autopsy on Baby Alan -- including a detailed dissection of the baby's heart.

The Yurkos have known for some time this was obviously a lie because Baby Alan's heart was to be harvested. One cannot dissect a heart intended to be sold for transplant.

After being confronted on this issue, Gore revised his story and said he got his notes from TransLife, the company that received Baby Alan's Heart. He also said that he never claimed to have performed a thorough examination of the baby's heart and that the error was in the transcription of his report.

The Yurko Project contacted TransLife. In a letter received by Yurko Nov. 10, 2003, TransLife stated emphatically that no notes and no tissue samples were taken before, during or after harvest. “No matter which way you look at it, Gore is a liar,” said Yurko.

Gore is one of the government's only witness against Yurko. The Yurko Project, on the other hand, has an international who's who of expert witnesses planning to testify at Yurko's pending appeal.

Folks, though many of these witnesses are donating their time and even their expenses to participate in this case, the bills are mounting to the tune of $53,000 so far.

This case may be the one to expose the medical mafia on a variety of crucial fronts. Go to for more information or contact Fran Yurko at 407-291-4344; PO Box 585965, Orlando, FL 32858-5965

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