From the October 2003 Idaho Observer:

Buying his country back $10 at a time with Silver Libertys

Innovative Liberty Associate attracts adults, children to his “real money” booth

By Ingri Cassel

Liberty Associate Jack Yoos deserves a gold medal for ingenuity in promoting the Liberty Dollar. In February, 2003, Yoos decided to become a Liberty Associate and devote his retirement years to returning our country to value, one dollar at a time. He came up with the idea of developing a booth for trade shows and county fairs that would draw the attention of children who would then attract the attention of their parents.

The drawing card was a variety of adorable “stuffed” animals with genuine fur. The sayings next to the animals are the real brain teaser and the educational tool Yoos uses to get potential Liberty Associates excited and asking questions. Next to a kangaroo with a baby in its pouch reads, “Hop-to-it, Don't Delay. Become a Liberty Associate Today.” The one next to a dog digging a hole reads, “You Don't Need to go Digging for Gold and Silver. Just EXCHANGE those dreaded I.O.U./Debt Federal Reserve Notes for Something of REAL Value: The American Liberty Dollar (ALD). 1 on 1. Why Owe, when YOU can be the Owner?” And one of the cutest and furriest is a Bunny family -- mom, dad and four baby bunnies -- with a sign that says “Multiply Your Values Quickly.”

What Jack found to be the biggest unforeseen “problem” is that the adults, not the children, ignored the “other” signs posted requesting viewers to not touch the displayed animals. All that genuine soft fur was just too tempting for some to resist!

When visiting Yoos at the Sandpoint Gun Show October 4, we were able to see his locked display case containing a gorgeous $500 solid one ounce gold Liberty coin as well as commemorative coins and Liberty Silver Certificates next to Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) in $10, $5 and $1 increments. Yoos shows people a $1 FRN and asks if they can buy $10 worth of groceries with it. When they look at him incredulously, he asks, “Why not?” He goes onto explain that it costs the U.S. Treasury the same to print a $1 bill as it does for them to print a $10 bill or a $100 bill. Then he takes a Canadian silver coin that is minted at $5 and tells people that it is worth $5 at the bank regardless of the amount of silver in the coin. He notes that commemorative coins and rare coins are often worth more than the minted value by a coin dealer but the value at a bank is still what is minted on the coin itself. In this way Yoos breaks through the “brainwash” that “minted” gold and silver is worth only what the commodity market says gold and silver by the ounce is worth on any given day. He reminds us that both the Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. Treasury Department have agreed that the Liberty Dollar is legal, legitimate and worth the value of what is minted on the Liberty Dollar or Silver Liberty Certificate.

One of Yoos' biggest selling points is that FRNs are bills or debt notes. They are not redeemable for gold or silver, are not backed by gold and silver, and their increased circulation is bankrupting our nation. He explains how the Federal Reserve System is technically unconstitutional and how the Federal Reserve System has literally stolen the value of our nation's currency. So when someone asks Yoos what Liberty Dollars are he responds by saying, “It is REAL money, it's OUR money; not government-issued debt notes.”

And then he shows them the beautiful one-ounce silver Liberty Dollar and gets people hooked on the concept of using real money.

The flyer he passes out bullets the essential elements of The Liberty Dollar: 100% Moral, Legal and Constitutional; 100 percent Backed by Gold and Silver; Warehouse Receipt is your title of ownership; Special anti-counterfeit features superior to Federal Reserve Notes; User friendly with a toll free number and web site address on every certificate; and, Petitions the U.S. Government to return Our Country's monetary system to value. When asked just how he believes the FedGov will respond to the exponential growth of the Liberty Dollar as the value of the U.S. FRN continues to plummet, Yoos stated that, “the FedGov will be forced to either close their doors or go back to a value-based currency rather than issuing debt notes. I believe the Liberty Dollar is the best vehicle we have for buying back our economy and giving the feds a run away from their debt notes. Not only that, but I am having the time of my life making money and purchasing items I need with American Liberty Dollars.”

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