From the August 2003 Idaho Observer:

The Great American Sexual Devolution

Why are American men so obsessed with looking good they are willing to endure hair implants to artificially mask premature baldness? Why are American women so obsessed with looking good they are willing to have Botox treatments to remove wrinkles?

Why are men so sexually dysfunctional they are willing to risk complications including death to experience artificially-induced virility with Viagra? Why are women so hormonally imbalanced they are willing to take estrogen derived from horse urine?

Why is it that the demand for hair implants, Botox treatments, Viagra and Premarin continues to escalate regardless that the health problems associated with these hormone-related problems are also on the rise?

compiled by The Idaho Observer

It is politically and socially incorrect to engage in frank discussions about sex; it is almost unthinkable to even mention the topic of epidemic sexual dysfunction. In America, we seem to be obsessed with pretending we are not obsessed with being fascinated with sexy images, sexy smells and sexy innuendo.

Why? Is it because we are ashamed to admit being part of the demand side of an equation that has inundated our culture with pretty, half-naked people talking about sex on TV programs, TV advertisements, books and magazines? Or is it because we are self-conscious about the fact that we are part of an ever growing population of people whose environment and lifestyle have diminished their drive and ability to perform to the point that such titillation is necessary to feel normal?

Our favorite take-no-prisoners health guru is Dr. Richard Schulze. A disciple of Dr. John Christopher, the father of modern herbology, Dr. Schulze produces high quality herbal preparations to deal with the forces in our modern world that work overtime to diminish our health and vitality.

Dr. Schulze also publishes an extremely entertaining and educational monthly newsletter addressing the root causes of those forces (lifestyle choices and environmental conditions) that are wreaking havoc on modern Americans' minds and bodies.

His newsletter for July, 2003 went beyond “broaching” the subject of sexual dysfunction in America: It exposed it, explained it and provided solutions to it.

Whether we like to admit it or not, our lives are intimately linked to our gender and our identities are intimately linked to our ability to function as men and women -- physically, emotionally, socially and sexually.

The purpose of this month's Back to Basics page is to boldly address this topic so that our readers will identify problems in these sensitive areas at their source. We do not advocate supporting an industry that preys upon our vanity by masking symptoms and contributing to our nation's general sexual devolution.

Impotency and infertility

Reproductive diseases causing epidemic impotence in men and infertility in women are skyrocketing.

Men: Sperm counts in men are half to what they were 70 years ago and 50 percent of all men have some sort of erectile dysfunction.

Women: Each year, over 1,000,000 women have miscarriages or give birth to deformed babies; this year, 10 million women will take pharmaceutical fertility drugs that have an 87 percent failure rate.

Prostate cancer #1

According to Dr. Schulze, incidence of prostate cancer in men is #1 -- 200 percent higher than lung cancer.

* By age 40 over 60 percent of American men have prostate disease.

* By age 50, 35 percent of American men have cancer growing in their prostate and nearly 1,000 prostate cancers are being diagnosed every day in America.

* Men are now dying an average of 6-10 years earlier than women.

Hormone hell

Hormone replacement therapy increases women's risk of aggressive breast and other cancers up to 15 times.

* Over 70 million women are in menopause with 2 million more coming onto the change of life by the end of the year.

* American women experience menopause much sooner than their Asian and European counterparts.

* This year, over 500,000 women will have their female organs removed -- a procedure that compels them to begin taking estrogen in the form of PREgnant MARe urINE. Studies have shown that hormonal therapy does little to balance hormone levels, but much to increase women's cancer risk.

* Hormonal imbalance in women also compels them to seek Botox treatments, liposuction and plastic surgery in an effort to mask the symptoms of accelerated aging.

Weak, powerless, helpless, incapable, barren, unfruitful

“These are not the words that we hear in the verses of our National Anthem, or in the words of America the Beautiful. These are not the words we associate with the United States of America or that we use to describe our country, its people or its landscape. Never the less, they are accurate and true.

“I bring you this message because time is running out for America and she will fall just like many great civilizations did from the Greeks to the Roman Empire. No, I am not talking about SARS from China, or AIDS from Africa or even an Al Qaeda terrorist attack from the Middle East. It's worse.

“The above words are the ones that my computer thesaurus picked to describe impotent and infertile, which is what Americans are becoming at an alarming rate. And if we don't do something about it, we won't have to worry about bacterial, viral or even terrorist invaders because there will be no one left to invade,” wrote Dr. Schulze July 4, 2003.

Too embarrassed to report

NewsWeek magazine (June 30, 2003) reported “Over 25 million American married couples have sex less than once a month.”

The article goes on to state that psychologists estimate the numbers are probably “grossly underreported” because people are too embarrassed to admit it.

Male/female sexual anatomy 101

For the umpteenth time in a row, Dr. Schulze has grabbed his readers' attention by outlining a very serious health-related problem, then proceeds to give an excellent and empowering overview regarding the area of anatomy affected by the topic of discussion.

Where he has provided readers with the essentials of colon and liver function in previous newsletters, in the July, 2003 edition, he describes the male and female reproductive systems in a manner most conducive to helping people understand their bodies so they can use a base of knowledge to being remediating the problems they are experiencing.

On the female side, he explains puberty and sexual maturity, menstruation, the ovaries, ovulation, fertilization and pregnancy and menopause; on the male side he explains how the organs, their various components and hormones work in concert to allow sexual responses to produce viable sperm.

Back to basics

While Dr. Schulze's newsletter is a vehicle he uses to market his products, he has also published books teaching people how to make his preparations themselves. He has a rather impressive line of high quality and comparatively inexpensive products that provide herbal and nutritional support for most of today's epidemics of chronic diseases.

Whether you buy his products or not, what you gain from his published work is reinforcement of what we know instinctively to be the truth: That our health is our responsibility; that poor diet, stress and toxic exposures are the cause of our many health problems including sexual function and viability.

If you are a man and honestly diagnose your condition as chronic and are contemplating an investment in Viagra, prostate surgery or hair implants; if you are a woman who has honestly diagnosed her condition as chronic and are currently contemplating Premarin, botox, plastic surgery or a hysterectomy, then call 1-800 HERBDOC and ask for a copy of the July, 2003 newsletter.

You will become educated about your condition and be directed how to immediately begin making lifestyle choices that will stop exacerbating the problems. You be directed to the high-potency preparations he uses to successfully improve the lives of thousands of Americans who have wisely chosen to avoid masking their chronic symptoms with dangerous drugs or by having body parts surgically removed.

If you are merely interested in preempting the painful and embarrassing complications of sexual and reproductive dysfunction, then adopt as your mantra the five steps toward robust health:

1. Detoxification: Eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of purified water and make sure your colon is functioning properly. Structured fasting, periodic colon cleanses and ritual use of blood-purifying herbs such as burdock, yarrow and chaparral are also excellent preemptive measures.

2. Deacidification: Bacteria and viruses love coffee, sugar, alcohol, meat and dairy products because they cause our bodies to create the acidic environment within which they thrive. By alkalinizing our bodies with clean water, fruits and vegetables and reducing our intake of the acid-forming foods and beverages mentioned above, we avoid the environment that allows cancer and other chronic conditions to develop.

3. Boosting natural immunity: Positive thinking, passion and purpose, spiritual connectivity and exercise combined with 1 and 2 above will accomplish this nicely.

4. Oxygenation: Oxygen-rich environments are healthy; oxygen deprived environments are unhealthy. It's the difference between rotten slime and compost. A lifestyle incorporating the above, enhanced by strategic use of diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide (The IO, Dec., 2002) will help to keep your cells oxygenated.

5. Biolelectrics: Minimize your exposure to harmful radiation coming from transmission wires, cell towers, TVs, radios and computers while maximizing your exposure beneficial frequencies radiating from trees and flowers and happy, positive and loving people.

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