From the July 2003 Idaho Observer:

“The Constitution is dead!”

COEUR D'ALENE -- “The Constitution is dead!” tax honesty icon Irwin Schiff's amplified voice boomed to a crowd of some 120 people attending the 8th Annual Patriot Potluck Picnic at Ramsey Park July 5.

Last February, Americans for a Constitutional Government of Post Falls had arranged for Schiff, 75, to speak at the picnic it sponsors each July. Since agreeing to travel here for the annual event, Schiff has been permanently barred from selling his book “The Federal Mafia” and is also barred from holding his income tax seminars. “The Bill of Rights is dead,” Schiff boomed again.

Schiff is one of the most outspoken and fearless tax honesty advocates in the nation. He has written several books in the broad field of economics and taxes since becoming a vocal critic of the income tax during the mid-70s.

His most famous and controversial income tax mitigating method is called “the Zero Tax Return,” which he himself files each year (see page 12).

Schiff explained that the federal government is banning his books and preventing him from holding seminars because he began appearing on national network TV and radio explaining how Americans can legally stop paying income taxes on their wages. “I recently discovered how in 1954 Congress determined that the word 'income' was to be applied in its 'constitutional' sense with regard to the assessment of income taxes. 'Income,' in its constitutional sense, is corporate profit,” said Schiff.

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