From the July 2003 Idaho Observer:

8th Annual ACG Patriot Potluck Picnic best ever

COEUR D'ALENE -- Some 120 people gathered at Ramsey Park July 5 for Americans for a Constitutional Government's 8th Annual Patriot Potluck Picnic. Several people in attendance commented that the weather, speakers, food and people combined to make this year's event the best ever.

ACG Chairman Jack Gurganus and Taxpayers United for Freedom Founder Bill Denman opened the picnic with a prayer, then Don Harkins, editor of The IO, introduced tax honesty icon Irwin Schiff. “The Constitution is dead,” Schiff stated in a clear, strong voice. Then he began to tell how the Federal Mafia had banned his book The Federal Mafia and how the Federal Mafia has also banned him from holding seminars about the income tax.

After Schiff thoroughly briefed his audience on the state of their Bill of Rights, several local activists took the podium to provide updates as to developments in their areas of interest. Verel Smith of Moyie Springs, who was recently released after serving four years in prison on an income-tax-related sentence, gave a very moving and spiritually encouraging talk; Idaho Judicial Accountability Act Chair Rose Johnson of Rathdrum described how her group is building toward having a revised judicial accountability initiative on the ballot for 2004; Vaccination Liberation President Ingri Cassel of Spirit Lake discussed the public health community's mass medical experimentation with vaccines; Vaccination Liberation co-Director Robert Carrillo of Sandpoint added to what Cassel had to say about vaccines and; Terry-Lee of Kettle Falls offered to supply interested individuals with a packet of information regarding sovereign elector status for voting and other purposes.

What is perhaps the most interesting part of annual events such as the ACG picnic is how it compels us to remember back to one year ago. The 365-day cycle is going by so fast and so many things are happening at such an accelerated rate perhaps the greatest blessing to us all is that we were able to meet out in the open to critically discuss issues of the day for one more year.

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