From the June 2003 Idaho Observer:

Seven-year manhunt ends at an NC dumpster?

by The Idaho Observer

The infamous abortion clinic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph was captured while dumpster diving within miles of where federal agents claim to have been looking for him since 1996.

Though the FBI had him listed as a “most wanted fugitive” for his deadly abortion clinic bombings and as a suspect in the 1998 Atlanta Olympic Games bombing, the experienced survivalist managed to evade capture. Curiously, rumors that Rudolph had been seen in the Andrews, NC area and that people sympathetic to his causes had been helping him, have been going around for years.

The timing of Rudolph's arrest is of particular interest to The Idaho Observer. In the May, 2003 edition we ran a story by Joey Lemieux. Under conditions that are bizarre and for reasons that defy logical explanations, police all over the country have been mistaking Lemieux for Rudolph since 1998.

Lemieux is certain that the clean, healthy and well-nourished man captured within weeks of The IO article's release, is actually Eric Robert Rudolph, but that this man is not THE man responsible for the bombings. Lemieux believes that a much more sinister and involved plot is unfolding -- that state-sponsored terror is behind the bombings attributed to Rudolph and other incidents of domestic terror.

Lemieux plans to witness Rudolph's August trial and match up the truth he has uncovered over the last few years with the case being made against him by his U.S. government handlers.

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