From the June 2003 Idaho Observer:

Back to school

Government schools in America have created several generations of government citizens. We now live in a country where almost of our people have been ill, mis or uninformed about issues, events and concepts critical to accurately understanding their relationship to each other, to government, to the world within which we live and God.

Government schooling molds Americans into being good for one thing only: Behaving in a manner most conducive to justifying the growth of government. After graduating from government citizen education camp, Americans must reeducate themselves and relearn the foundational principles upon which individual freedom depends to avoid spending the rest of their lives enslaved to a world-view of government master creation.

An excellent example is how government schools teach American children about the Revolutionary War era. We “study” the founding of our nation in fourth and fifth grade. We are taught about colonists dressing up as Indians and dumping tea into Boston Harbor, the “shot heard 'round the world” and Paul Revere's ride; “don't shoot 'til you see the whites of their eyes!; no taxation without representation!”; George Washington's wooden teeth, the cherry tree he cut down as a child and the blood-soaked rags that served as shoes for his ragtag volunteer army during that miserable winter at Valley Forge.

Unless we revisit the Revolutionary era on our own, it is never taught again in government schools. So, almost all Americans carry this grade-school understanding of one of the most defining periods in human history into adulthood. Most Americans have no concept of the global economics and the intricacies of socio/political intrigue that set the birth of their nation in motion. When conversation threatens to take most Americans beyond their government citizen understanding of the birth of our nation, their eyes either glaze over or they default to an emotional outburst equal to their gradeschool understanding of what it means to be an American.

This is perfect for the government growth industry: Generations of government-citizens so successfully indoctrinated with superficial knowledge of complex events they respond emotionally and distrustfully to those who challenge their government-instilled beliefs.

The world-view unreformed government citizens bring into adulthood is directly responsible for the problems that plague our society today: We are chronically, epidemically psychologically and physically sick because government citizens believe poisons like vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs are medicine; we are increasingly regulated because government citizens believe they are dutibound to follow legislated laws -- no matter how absurd; we are prosecuted and sued, fined, enjoined and imprisoned because government citizens revere and fear officers of the court; we are $6.5 trillion in debt as a nation because government citizens do not question government spending; we allow the DOD to lose a trillion dollars because government citizens unquestioningly follow government into hell if asked; we are busy pointing fingers of blame at one another because government citizens believe people cause problems and government is there to solve them.

How do we expedite the process of reversing institutionalized sickness, overregulation, prosecutorial abuse, bankruptcy, perpetual war, and irrational faith and trust in government over our love and trust for friends and family? Two hundred million of our countrymen must go back to a school of their own creation. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to convince them that they must. (DWH)

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