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Rudolph Rudolph


The Eric Robert Rudolph Mystery: A peek into the government's black bag of dirty tricks

The FBI has been looking for the so called abortion clinic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph since 1996. It is easy to understand why the FBI cannot find this one man. The three photos on the FBI website at, all of whom the FBI believes to be Rudolph, are obviously three different men. To most people the abortion clinic bomber is backpage news; the international police are occupying our minds with new fugitives they cannot find. But Joey Lemieux has not forgotten. He generally meets the description of the 1998 police drawing on the far right. Since 1996 Lemieux has been picked up by police all over the continent who turned him loose after determining he was not one of America's 10 most wanted. But that is near the end of this story. After meeting Lemieux, a pleasant, articulate man of 36, you will have a completely different impression of Rudolph and the government that is allegedly hunting him.

Documents declassified in the 70s resulted in mainstream newspapers running stories about government sponsored and administrated mind control and behavior modification experiments that had been ongoing since WWII. The sinister details of these projects were revealed to the public. In essence, government was experimenting with how to use sexual, physical, emotional abuse and drugs to splinter peoples' personalities and summon whichever ones it desired, when it desired, to perform specific functions. “The Manchurian Candidate,” a 60s movie starring Frank Sinatra, illuminated one such function for which government may use the people whose minds it has destroyed: Murder.

by Joey Lemieux

The history of a dirty secret

There is no question that the U.S. government has been conducting mind control (MC) and behavior modification (BM) experiments for decades. Declassified U.S. government documents have revealed the sinister details of MC and BM research under such code names as Project Bluebird, MK ULTRA, MK NAOMI, Project Artichoke and the MONARCH PROJECT.

Many of the behavioral scientists working for the U.S. government in these MC and BM programs were Nazis brought to this country to continue their research under the auspices of Project Paperclip after WWII.

The U.S. government has been conducting MC and BM research for the same reasons that sparked Hitler's interest in the subject: To control and manipulate the minds of individuals and entire populations of people.

Much of the knowledge gained by MC and BM research requires intensive, in-house programming of specific individuals so they will mindlessly perform certain tasks. Monarch programming, however, can be accomplished in the privacy of one's own home by subjecting children to a homelife of mental and physical torture, sexual abuse, pharmaceutical drugs and hypnosis.

Thousands of America's children are growing up in homes where they are subjected to the abuses indicated above by parents, themselves often the product of such abuses, who are unwittingly programming their children to be psychologically unstable, insecure and, therefore, vulnerable to whatever conditioning awaits them as adults in a society that provides a government agent around every corner.

Thousands of other children, like myself, receive more structured Monarch programming because their government employee parents are intentionally and ritualistically applying MC/BM techniques to their daily lives.

Americans are currently living in a society where several generations of programmed parents and government employees have been raising children who in turn raise their children in an environment of physical, mental and sexual abuse. The Monarch programming has become so pervasive in our culture none can escape it.

The following chain of events clearly illustrates this unfortunate point.

1. Soon after American babies are born, they are injected with vaccines that contain heavy metals, formaldehyde, alcohol and other toxic substances.

2. The biochemical imbalance initiated by vaccines causes children to develop sociopathic behaviors making it difficult for them to learn and behave themselves in school and at home.

3. Children are prescribed psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin to mask the symptoms caused by the vaccines, furthering their biochemical imbalances.

4. The drugs destroy children's will and permanently retard the development and maturity of their central nervous systems.

5. The drugs, combined with a physically, mentally and/or sexually abusive homelife, graphic sex and violence on TV, movies and video games create a situation where every moment of every day becomes a surreal assault on the senses.

It is difficult to imagine how one can grow up to be a fully functional and well-adjusted adult under those circumstances.

My Monarch programming

I was raised in a military family and moved around a lot. My father was career Air Force, my mom was also in the Air Force and later worked for the CIA. My home life was like a Gladiator school.

By the age of four I was being given different types of drugs (Trilofon, Etrifo and Ritalin). The drugs made me sick and gave me migraines. I would beat my head against the wall until I passed out to escape the pain. By the time I had reached elementary school age I would rather take a beating than take the drugs.

I had a lot of trouble in school and was routinely subjected to physical, mental and sexual abuse at home. I ran away from home a lot.

By the age of 18 we had been living in Alaska for a few years. I had escaped the misery of my homelife by building guitars and was engaged to be married.

Leaving home increased my awareness of how widespread abuses only begin in the home. I learned how Alaska encouraged, engineered, sponsored and facilitated crimes against children.

A series of events which, in hindsight after years of intensive investigation, was merely an extension of my Monarch programming, led to the abduction of my first child. Two more children were surgically aborted after the mother was terrorized by state of Alaska employees. For this reason I believe the state of Alaska is guilty of murdering my children.

Woven into the fabric

Because of the way I was raised and because I spent 14 years dealing with state and federal agencies, law enforcement, the judicial system, politicians and attorneys to find out what happened to my children, I know that Monarch programming is a condition that exists in this country. More specifically, Monarch mind control has been so deeply woven into the fabric of our culture I believe it's shaping and molding the social, political and spiritual climate of America -- to justify the growth of intrusive government at the expense of freedom and civil liberty.

Some of the most defining moments of post-WWII American history were the result of high-profile actions taken by people whose behavior is symptomatic of MC/BM. What is the truth behind the assassination of JFK? RFK? Waco? Oklahoma City? Were Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, David Koresh and Timothy McVeigh lone nuts or were their actions the result of government programming? Evidence indicates the latter is most likely.

Breaking the spell

For reasons that are not clear, the programming did not “take” in me. I survived with a conscience, and have faith in God. I am a regular guy who wants to have a regular life. My siblings, on the other hand, who were subjected to the same abuses as myself in our home environment, are currently working for the government in various capacities. They serve as agents for the same monsters who are destroying the minds of innocent people and destroying our way of life.

Enter ERR

My identity and likeness was linked to Eric Robert Rudolph (ERR) in 1998. I believe this was done to provide a mechanism where my movements and activities may be monitored. Though I have been repeatedly captured by police as ERR and released as Joey Lemieux, I cannot be employed, buy a car, or accumulate property.

The photos above, obviously three completely different men, are allegedly the abortion clinic bomber. I believe the two on the left, both of whom have popped up in my travels, are highly programmed individuals intimately involved in domestic terrorist activity. The sketch on the right is the unseen, or possibly fictitious individual from whom the other two take orders. This is a classic terrorist cell construct.

Since it is illogical to believe a man can evade capture in this modern age where the flight pattern of a fly can be tracked from outerspace, we must infer that ERR functions under the grace of the government agents he (they) have thus far eluded.

MC/BM has evolved to the point most people can be programmed to do anything, no matter how evil or contrary to human decency. Though I am as vulnerable to programming as the next guy, I am a devout Christian incapable of being a terrorist. I believe that the elaborate plan to link me to ERR has been orchestrated to compel my participation in the dark operations for which I was being programmed since birth.

To tell my own story and support it with the official government documents that prove its veracity is a book in itself. I have also videotaped myself in a narration of my story. But the purpose here is to illustrate how mine is just one case in a nationwide, if not global matrix of mind controlled and behaviorally modified people.

When we hear on the news about how someone has physically, sexually or emotionally abused children, our response is anger at the abuser and compassion for the abused.

But what happens when the newspapers headline the details of CIA MC/BM programs that involve government-sanctioned and supported ritual physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children and adults? What happens when the government documents describe how these abuses have been going on for decades and have involved thousands of people?

So far, nothing -- government abuse of children to facilitate the creation of dysfunctional and malleable adults continues unabated.

When we see the handcuffed man being escorted off to prison we wonder, “What kind of a monster could do those things to children?”

We should however, ask ourselves, “Who (what) created this monster?”

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