From the May 2003 Idaho Observer:

From the Editor's Desk:

Lessons reveal the strangest bedfellows

The government's failed smallpox mass vaccination plan revealed that pro-freedom Americans have an unlikely ally: Government administrators.

It stands to reason that, if government requires legions of administrators to administrate the statutory enslavement of our people, government's enslavement mechanisms would fall apart in the absence of those administrators.

To my knowledge the government's mass smallpox vaccination plan was unprecedented in that government administrators were not only personally affected by the policies they were expected to administrate, many of them were expected to be first in line to receive the dangerous vaccine.

America's administrative class generally displays a callous disregard for the misery its enforcement of government's injurious policies cause every day they show up at work; they go home nightly, uneffected by the damage their offices have done to the American people -- and their country. As a result, government policies regulating more and more aspects of Americans' lives and the numbers of administrators willing to administrate these increasingly invasive and injurious policies have swelled to proportions never before seen in any government in world history.

And then came the smallpox plan. Was it a test? Was it a mistake? Regardless, a plan that has been under construction since 1973 by order of President Ford in the aftermath of the swine flu fiasco; a plan that involved $billions in vaccines and $billions in pandemic preparedness coordination and training was scuttled because some 97 percent of the administrators being told to take the shot refused.

Why? Because there was a good chance they could become sick, permanently disabled or die from the shot -- and some did.

The lesson here is invaluable: Invasive and injurious government programs can be derailed when government administrators understand how they themselves can be harmed by the policies they administrate.

The opposition community, The IO included, has dedicated much of its activistic energy to efforts that have served to widen the gulf between government administrators and the people they administrate. It should be apparent by now that whatever tactics we have been using are failing because numbers of administrators are growing apace with the numbers of government administrative schemes.

What if we stopped focusing our energy on government's messengers and began tailoring our efforts to illuminating government's message? What if you -- yes you -- were to write a nice letter to every administrator in your life and, in just one page, tell him how the policies his office enforces may negatively impact his life? What if every person in the nation whose life is being destroyed by one or more administrators wrote them a nice letter pointing out how the polices they are enforcing to the detriment of others will eventually damage them as well? What would happen if every administrator in America received dozens of these humble, well-intended letters every day?

I already know the answer to those questions. So do you. The scuttled smallpox mass vaccination plan is our guide: To end government's enforcement of invasive and injurious policies government administrators must be overwhelmingly opposed to enforcing them out of concern for their own health and well-being.

Lessons do indeed make strange bedfellows. Those who have been used to statutorially enslave a nation are also, ironically, the key to its freedom. ~(DWH)

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