From the May 2003 Idaho Observer:

Federal election laws and national ID:

Fed agenda forcing citizens to declare themselves

COLVILLE, Wash. -- The federal government recently passed the “Help the American Voter Act” and is working diligently to establish a national identification card. Both actions serve to further “federalize” citizens of the several states.

Terry Lee of Kettle Falls believes federalization of voter registration and nationalizing of our identification, functions of government that have always been the exclusive responsibility of the several states, alter significantly our citizenship status.

Anticipating that the continued submission of state governments to ceaseless unconstitutional usurpations of power by federal agencies would lead to a nationalized citizenry, Terry Lee began to investigate the rights and responsibilities of the voter in statewide elections.

Through trial and error, using himself as a test case, the former Stevens county candidate for sheriff believes he has perfected an important process. He is no longer a “registered voter.” He is a “sovereign elector.”

“A registered voter who claims U.S. citizenship and meets all the requirements will be granted the privilege of voting in all elections. His name is represented in all capital letters on his voter registration card. A sovereign elector is a state citizen exercising his right to vote in state elections and his name appears in a gammatically correct form,” Terry Lee explained.

To support his point, Terry Lee produced proof of his right to vote -- a card issued by the state of Washington which displayed his correct information. The information was taken from a form he created himself and submitted to the secretary of state last year.

“This process is extremely important. If we establish ourselves as sovereign electors, we maintain our status as state citizens. I believe this will be the best safeguard against having a national ID forced upon us,” Terry Lee said.

Terry Lee believes that U.S. citizens have no inalienable rights, only privileges subject to alienation at the whim of federal agents. He has produced complete packets for Washington and Idaho and is currently working on one for Montana. Terry Lee is willing to consult with individuals or groups interested in understanding the sovereign elector process.

Call (208) 255-2307 for more information.

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