From the May 2003 Idaho Observer:

Hinkson jailed under star chamber circumstances

BOISE -- Water OZ President and CEO Dave Hinkson, 46, was arrested early last April amid claims he had threatened to kill five specifically named federal agents.

The allegations reportedly arise from an incident where a man named Harding was wearing a wire when he approached Hinkson about a job. “He kept trying to bait me into saying things that could get me into trouble,” Hinkson told The IO during a temporary stay in Sandpoint's Bonner County Jail.

Hinkson was shortly thereafter moved and is currently being held at the state prison in Boise.

Hinkson's legal staff subpoenaed the tape and claim it does not record Hinkson making death threats. The tape does, however, indicate that the arrest warrant contained five counts of perjury on the part of the arresting federal agents.

Hinkson and his legal staff have filed an 18-page motion with Idaho District Federal Court demanding his immediate release. No hearing has been scheduled as of this time. The motion, which reportedly alleges the perjury and numerous violations of well-settled principles of due process, has not been posted to the court's website per court protocol.

This is the latest of numerous attempts by government agents to imprison this man. Last Nov. 21, Hinkson was awakened at 5:45 a.m. by eight men in black armed with machine guns. He was dragged out of bed and arrested. Hinkson claims the warrant was defective and the pre-dawn raid was an act of retribution staged by IRS Agent Steve Hines and U.S. Prosecutor Nancy Cook. On April 16, 2002, Hinkson filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court. According to Hinkson, the lawsuit alleges Cook and Hines had “orchestrated over 12 grand jury tribunals in an attempt to indict me.”

Hinkson and his supporters claim he has done nothing wrong aside from outspokenly refusing to play the game of life by the government's rules. Hinkson fearlessly challenges, as a matter of due course, the authority of every city, state or federal official who unconstitutionally crosses his path.

As of this printing, Hinkson has been jailed for six weeks though, according to the motion filed on his behalf, the cause of his arrest is bogus. Until a hearing is scheduled, the inference is that Hinkson will be held indefinitely though he has not been convicted of a crime.

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