From the April 2003 Idaho Observer:

Iraqis are “collateral damage” in US/UK war on freedom

by The Idaho Observer

According to Civil Homeland Defense leader Chris Simcox, the U.S. Border Patrol estimates that, between January 6 (Feast of the Epiphany) and May 5 (Cinco deMayo), 1,000,000 illegal emigrees will have poured across the border from Mexico into the U.S. Tons of contraband drugs, explosives and weapons will also be smuggled into the U.S. from Mexico during that time.

FOX News' Bill O'Reilly and nationally-syndicated talk radio hosts Michael Savage, Michael Reagan and Rush Limbaugh have expressed their outrage that the Oval Office refuses to acknowledge the 2,000 miles of national security risk that accurately describe our southern border with Mexico.

Texas Governor-turned-U.S.-President Bush must realize the greatest risk to national security is the U.S./Mexican border. Curiously the president prefers the Department of Homeland Security be authorized to monitor the every movement, financial transaction and communication of the American people to enhancing border security.

It is not logical to assume that an administration capable of scrambling enough troops, weapons and munitions to occupy a nation several thousand miles away would simply underestimate the ongoing risk to national security at the southern border. It is also not logical to assume that such an administration would mistakenly overestimate the average American's threat to national security as he goes about his daily business of struggling to provide for himself and his family.

Under the pretense of national security constitutional provisions that protect our freedom to assemble, follow one's own convictions, acquire and own property, engage in commerce, travel, speak freely and enjoy the privacy of one's own home have given way to the Department of Homeland Security. Inalienable rights protected by the Constitution have been replaced by “privileges” that can be alienated at any time by unelected Homeland Security officials.

The “war” is not confined to Iraq. In actuality, the unfortunate Iraqi people, like all the millions of commoners who have been killed throughout history, are merely “collateral damage” in the global corporate elite's campaign to achieve dominion over the world's resources -- including people.

Since the Bush administration declared “war” on terrorism in the wake of 9/11, the American people have been forced to give up essential liberty for temporary safety. The net result has been an America that is increasingly unsafe and the government, not the people, determine what rights we do and do not have.

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