From the April 2003 Idaho Observer:

SARS between the lines

If we are able to read between the lines, even the the fourth branch of government (the dominant media) is telling the truth about the new “killer cold” being unleashed on the world.

by Don Harkins

Associated Press writer Laura Meckler's internationally-released article, “U.S. Working on Mystery Illness Vaccine (April 4, 2003) is extremely truthful and illuminating, especially if one has the background information necessary to read between the lines.

The lead for the article states, “Federal researchers are beginning work toward a vaccine that could eventually help control the mystery illness that has spread from Asia to North America and killed at least 85 people.”

The second paragraph identifies the National Institutes of Health [NIH] as, “already trying to interest industry in producing a vaccine based on the results [of NIH research].

According to Meckler, taxpayer funds will be used to conduct research that will lead to private development and corporate profiteering from the sale of a SARS vaccine. Last year's government-initiated anthrax scare produced immense profits to the Bayer Corporation with the sale of its antibiotic Cipro; this year's government-promoted smallpox scare prompted the government to purchase some 300 million doses of smallpox vaccine.

The AP story confirms that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is “90 percent sure the mystery a new form of the coronavirus, a cause of the common cold.”

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) Director Anthony Fauci cautioned that if the coronavirus assumption is incorrect, research will have to begin all over again. The AP reported Dr. Fauci as stating that, “even under the best case scenario..a vaccine is at least a year away.”

The NIH and CDC are researching a vaccine for private sector production. The vaccine, which will not have been through long-term safety trials, and will therefore be an experimental vaccine, will be available to the marketplace for the alleged prevention of SARS for years after the SARS scare has been replaced by some other disease scare.

President Bush, responding to the SARS scare (or scam, see pages 12-13) gave public health officials the authority to “quarantine Americans sick with the highly contagious [version of the common cold].”

The president's order stated, “If spread in the population, [SARS] would have severe public health consequences.”

Under a declared state of medical emergency per the CDC-commissioned, privately-constructed Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA), citizens will accept government-prescribed medical procedures or be detained, quarantined and forced against their will to accept them. Private property may also be seized or destroyed at the discretion of a public health authority without due process (see the comprehensive MEHPA index at

MEHPA provides that those who administer the government-ordered medical interventions shall not be held liable for deaths, injuries or property damage resulting from said interventions.

The birthplace of SARS

“International health officials were seeking the first person believed infected with SARS, a man in the hard-hit southern province of Guangdong [China],” wrote Meckler.

International health officials generally attribute the origin of cold and flu viruses to Asia and viruses used to develop vaccines are almost exclusively found in the Orient.

“People are taking this unbelievably seriously,” said NIAID's lab co-director Dr. Brian Murphy.

People are taking the international SARS scare seriously because it's the most intensive worldwide coverage a variation of the common cold has ever received. Daily reports of the death toll, the collaboration of international governments to develop containment procedures, quarantine travelers and how SARS is impacting the global economy, have heightened fear of the “mystery disease” to levels that far exceed its potential as a pathogen.

As of April 4, 2003, 2,300 cases of SARS in over a dozen nations had been diagnosed. The mystery illness, “...whose symptoms include fever, aches, cough and shortness of breath, has killed 85 people in Asia and Canada,” commented Meckler.

In the next paragraph, Meckler says the SARS fatality rate is “about 4 percent” and there is “no cure yet, but most sufferers are recovering with timely hospital care.”

As is nearly always the case with disease fatality statistics, no mention is made as to the health of those who recover from a disease compared to those who die from it. We are provided with no information as to who is vulnerable to the SARS variation of the common cold and what measures to take in an effort to prevent infection -- except to await the approval of a vaccine or check into a hospital.

Judging from the low mortality rate, even in the absence of detailed health history information, common sense and ordinary nutritional and hydration protocols combined with bed rest and a good book are sufficient to arrest the symptoms of SARS in most cases.

The last two paragraphs of Meckler's article indicate the government's intent to continue forging ahead with its internationally failing, vaccine-obsessed public health policies in an effort to address the global threat of the “killer” cold. “If Murphy and his colleagues are able to develop a 'proof of concept' that the vaccine works, they hope to turn the research over to private industry to manufacture the product.”

“We're trying to provide a framework to motivate them to make a vaccine. If we can show it works, they'd be more inclined to go ahead.We need to get the manufacturers interested, primed and thinking along these lines,” Murphy concluded.

The CDC definition of “works” is a vaccine which produces specific antibodies. However, the CDC admits that high antibody levels do not necessarily equate to immunity in field studies.

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