From the March 2003 Idaho Observer:

How big is the Liberty economy?

When NORFED issued its first metal-backed currency in October, 1998, the vast majority of Americans had no idea that the Federal Reserve was not federal and had no reserves; they were in the dark as to the fraudulent nature of our money system and could not discuss the issue if it came up in conversation.

By March, 2003, the numbers of people who are in varying degrees aware of the difference between real money and fiat money have increased dramatically. This is partially due to the educational efforts of NORFED and other educational entities out there teaching the truth about money. The Federal Reserve Auditing Unit Denomination (FRAUD) has also been its own worst public relations enemy because its purchasing power is steadily diminishing. The $multi-billion electronic embezzling schemes that have so adversely affected the economy also prove to a financially-sensitive public that the fiat money system is not substance based.

Liberty Economy Poll

NORFED wants to know how strong the Liberty economy is becoming by encouraging Liberty Merchants to participate in the Liberty Economy Poll.

Submit to NORFED answers to the following questions:

1. Name, address and phone number of your business.

2. Type of commerce conducted through your business.

3. The average amount of ALC you accept from customers per month.

4. The average amount of ALC you spend into circulation by using it to make change with your customers.

5. Compose a detailed explanation of your Liberty Dollar-based activities.

Submissions must be FAXED, mailed or emailed to NORFED no later than April 30.

All submissions will be used to draft an article about America's Liberty economy for publication in the May edition of The IO and on the Liberty Currency website.

The Liberty Merchant who submits the most interesting, innovative and proactive description of his Liberty economy activities will be awarded $20 in ALC and one $10 Silver Liberty coin. Their submission will also be published in the May edition of The IO.

Contact NORFED at 888-421-6181.

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