From the March 2003 Idaho Observer:

2003: The year of the Liberty Dollar

EVANSVILLE, Ind. -- NORFED is reporting record numbers of new Redemption Center (RC)s for the last three months in a row, said Liberty Dollar developer Bernard von NotHaus. The company began issuing metal-backed, inflation-proof American Liberty Dollar (ALD) in 1998 is currently experiencing a sharp increase in traffic. The office here is bringing so many RCs on board and shipping out so many ALD orders additional staff has been hired to meet the demand. “We will also be opening a west-coat office in LA by May,” commented ALC developer Bernard von NotHaus.

Von NotHaus explained that a west coast office will be more convenient for calling customers in the west and make shipping turn around times more timely.

In the last year, the Liberty Dollar website has jumped from an average 5,000 hits to 100,000 hits per month. Von NotHaus feels a lot of factors have contributed to ALD's sudden notoriety. “Uncertainty in the marketplace and fence-sitters getting off the fence have a lot to do with it,” he said.

“But the most significant reason for the dramatic increase in ALD circulation is the spirited and innovative work of our RCs. The exponential expansion of RCs is phenomenal. If we keep up this pace we will be able to affect the marketplace in about three more years,” said von NotHaus.


100% success story

My wife and I have had nothing but fun and success using the Liberty Dollar. Of all the places to start using the Liberty Dollar my wife chose the bank in the Wal-Mart. She asked if they would take $1 bills in exchange for the silver -- and they did. I can't believe that even the bank has accepted it!

Not a merchant yet has rejected the ALD. Just to name some of the places we have been successful include: Mc-Donald's, Wal-Mart, Shoshone National Bank, Exxon, the picture studio in Wal-Mart (an $80 photo package), Domino's, and a local book store. We have made a house payment with ALD and also use it to pay our baby-sitter, just to list the ones on the top of my mind. All this success has come in about a month-and-a-half.

A gentleman whom I've never met in the southern part of the state called me up the other day, because he randomly chose me to sponsor him as a Redemption Center. If you would have been able to tell me how fast and successful I would be with the ALD, I would have thought you to be a liar or an embellisher to say the least. And the best part is that it is all for the good of the nation.

~Christopher Kunzler

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