From the March 2003 Idaho Observer:

American Liberty Dollar: Buy at a discount, spend at a profit?

The American Liberty Dollar (ALD) can be purchased at a discount, and, therefore, spent at a profit. The scenario using ALD allows the person who purchases real money into circulation to be paid for his foresight and the person with whom he trades for a good or service receives substance in the transaction.

The traditional medium of exchange in America is the Federal Reserve Auditing Unit Denomination (FRAUD). When two or more parties agree upon exchanging the face value of a FRAUD, both parties have agreed that an intrinsically worthless piece of paper's value is equal to the number printed on it.

The scenario using FRAUDS leaves one person virtually stealing a good or service from the other because he tendered payment in worthless paper FRAUDS which he received in a similar transaction.

With ALD, both parties benefit; with FRAUDS, both parties lose.

The Creature from Jekyll Island, the story of the Federal Reserve by accomplished investigative journalist G. Edward Griffin, is arguably the most thoroughly researched analysis of the true purpose and intent of the Federal Reserve Act. What you discover is that the Federal Reserve was created with the intent to slowly but surely bankrupt the American people by conditioning them to trade the substance of their work for worthless paper. We can see how, 90 years later, this cabal of thieves have succeeded -- all because we have been fooled into trading our substance, our things of value, for pieces of paper that have numbers printed on them and we have been willing to pay the hidden interest called “inflation” for the privilege

But we can reverse the trend. We can trade goods and services with one another for goods and services -- “they” call it an underground economy because we are not subject to taxes when the barter system is in use. When the barter system is not feasible, we can use ALD -- which can be purchased at a discount and spent at a profit and all parties part company with something to show for the transaction besides a few pieces of green paper.

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