From the March 2003 Idaho Observer:

Stanley informs IRS it has no authority to collect taxes

Denver businessman, Senate candidate, liberty activist vows to meet collection activites with force

DENVER -- On February 21, 2003, Denver businessman and liberty activist/organizer Rick Stanley received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. According to Stanley, “The letter attempted to explain that the IRS serves to 'assist' individuals in the collection of taxes; dispel any other information received on or about the IRS and its capacity from any other sources outside the IRS as fraudulent and to prosecute (an indirect threat to my wife and myself) those Americans who “fail” to comply with the laws regarding income tax.” 

The letter, which inferred that the IRS was fully aware of Stanley's leadership role in the tax honesty movement, was accompanied by a tax brochure which also attempted to explain the nature and capacity of the IRS. “The IRS brochure, without a doubt, IS the fraudulent information being disseminated to Americans by the federal government,” wrote Stanley.

Stanley, along with a growing number of Americans, believe that the income tax is an unconstitutionally-collected unapportioned direct tax; the government has no authority to assess taxes against the wages of Americans because wages are property, not income. Stanley also believes that the exhaustive research of Bill Benson, author of “The Law that Never Was,” proves that the 16th Amendment which allegedly authorized the income tax, was never properly ratified.

Stanley is a handsome, good natured, charismatic and fearlessly principled American who refuses to pay income taxes or withhold them from employee paychecks until the government answers We the People's constitutionally submitted petition for redress of income tax-related grievances. His brief, direct response to the IRS letter is published in its entirety below. It would appear Stanley has drawn his line in the sand. “Will the IRS choose to cross the line,” is a question that remains to be answered.


6280 E. 39TH AVE.
DENVER CO 80278-1319

February 24, 2003

Internal Revenue Service
1973 North Rulon White Blvd.
Ogden, Utah  84201

Attn: Mr. Parizek

Re: Richard and Pamela Stanley SS# xxx-xx-xxxx, xxx-xx-xxxx

Employee ID # xx-xxxxx

To Whom This May Concern:

Avoiding the issues is unacceptable.  As an American, I will not tolerate it anymore. You have no authority to make me pay income tax.  I have no liability to pay this income tax.

I am an American that demands his constitutional rights.  Since you refuse to respond, regarding any issues I have added to my master file, I see no reason to play the letter game.

If you try to steal my property, I am an American, and I will defend my property with all the force required.  Your force will be met with mine.  You have been warned.  Warn your master, Satan.  God has promised me protection in this matter.

You are correct.  You do not have the authority to change the laws.  The laws are very distinct.  Without authority, you are nothing more than a collector, trying to exceed your authority.


Rick Stanley

Constitutional Activist, Warrior for God and America

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