From the March 2003 Idaho Observer:

Mission Possible: Sixty days to tell the world about aspartame

DULUTH, Georgia -- Mission Possible Director Betty Martini reports that the European Union resolved to reevaluate labeling guidelines for artificial sweetener aspartame. “We have 60 days to educate the world as to the dangers of aspartame,” said Martini who expects aspartame producer Monsanto to do whatever it takes to prevent the EU from taking steps that will inhibit the sale of its sweet excitotoxin.

“Aspartame was once listed by the Pentagon on an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare agents submitted to Congress,” Martini stated in a Feb. 19, 2003 letter to the EU Parliament.

Curiously, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was instrumental in achieving Food and Drug Administration marketing approval for aspartame as an artificial sweetener in the 80s while working as a hired gun for the Searle Corporation.

Aspartame is found in thousands of foods, drinks and medications consumed daily by Americans. Martini and the fleet of MDs and biochemists who comprise Mission Possible believe aspartame's synergistic properties increase the effects of other toxins and is, therefore, the hidden agent behind chronic illnesses and sudden deaths in the U.S.

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