From the March 2003 Idaho Observer:

The Kimball Project:

What is the Bureau of Prisons doing to Jay Kimball?

Why is the anti-aging supplement developer aging so rapidly while in federal custody?

The photos at right show that James “Jay” Kimball was a happy, healthy man until he was wrongfully convicted and sent to federal prison. Since being taken into federal custody in October, 2000, Kimball has aged dramatically. Once you read his “declaration” (see ad below) you will understand how the BOP can take custody of a vibrant and healthy man and, within three years, riddle his physical body with infections and diseases. After reading Kimball's Declaration, you will realize that the federal corrections system rivals the historically infamous Russian gulags for “cruel and unusual” punishment; that the gulags and modern federal prisons serve the same function: To punish or murder whomever the government does not like -- regardless of guilt or innocence.

If it becomes too painful for government agents to keep innocent people in prison, maybe they won't be so anxious to imprison them in the first place.

In the November, 2002 edition of The Idaho Observer it was explained that Jay Kimball, known by the federal government as #38591-018, was drafting a “declaration.” It was also explained that, once completed, a handful of people close to this fearless and principled man would engage in activities intended to create a snowballing effect that forces the system to change its ways.

Jay's 27,000-word Declaration is the centerpiece of Volume 1, Number 1 of the 12-page Cruel and Unusual (see ad below). Jay's Declaration is a historic expose'. It fearlessly details the process of his own persecution and and conviction to illustrate how federal agencies, federal prosecutors and federal judges work in concert to create criminals. Through the use of confidential informants, undercover agents, perjury and abuse of process the federal government manufactures crimes for the sheer joy of prosecuting and imprisoning otherwise innocent Americans.

Once imprisoned, our innocent and non-violent countrymen are subjected to abuses and horrors so appalling President Bush would go to war over them if they were occurring in Iraq. If you think it can't happen in America and that the highest levels of U.S. government would not tolerate such human rights violations here at home, think again.

We are pioneering a form of activism here. We are going to breathe life into Jay's Declaration and we are going to help him return justice to the system; we are going to end this federal reign of terror because it appears the government has no intentions of quitting on its own until we are all behind bars.

Cruel and Unusual has contact numbers for those who have participated in Jay's persecution and the crimes being committed against Jay and his fellow prisoners. Use them. Reward Jay by deluging these people with your phone calls, FAXes, emails and letters. It is our belief that when at least 5,000 people respond the bureaucrats will realize their actions are being exposed. With this exposure we expect to secure Jay's release. Once Jay is released we will duplicate our efforts and endeavor to secure the release of as many innocent and non-violent offenders as we can. It is our belief that at least half the people the federal government has thrown into prison do not belong there. They should be home with their families.

Until the people of this nation demand the release of our innocent and non-violent countrymen they will continue to be locked up. Government will not help us because government is doing this to us.


Excerpts from Kimball's “Declaration”

On malicious prosection

39. ...As soon as KIMBALL started making his opening statement and was telling the jury “the truth,” that he was forced to defend himself because he could not afford an attorney which would have revealed that the court violated KIMBALL's Sixth Amendment rights “to have the assistance of counsel for his defense,” Judge Lazzara interrupted KIMBALL. He ordered KIMBALL to the bench and chastised him loud enough for every juror to hear him scolding KIMBALL and telling him he was prejudicing the jury by telling them that. Throughout KIMBALL's opening statement Judge Lazzara kept interrupting him, even questioning the truthfulness of KIMBALL's statement to the jury. Judge Lazzara advised AUSA Rubinstein and Special FDA Prosecutor Jones to make objections to KIMBALL's opening statement to the jury as they had no objections to that point. Judge Lazzara now became a third prosecutor against KIMBALL with AUSA Rubinstein and Jones.

48. Needless to say, at sentencing Judge Lazzara gave KIMBALL 13 years in prison for his first offense. KIMBALL had requested a trial by jury. Judge Lazzara was NOT going to allow KIMBALL a TRIAL BY JURY. In sentencing Judge Lazzara found KIMBALL GUILTY of many more charges NOT FOUND OR EVEN PRESENTED TO THE JURY and added about 12 more years to KIMBALL's sentence. KIMBALL was 60 years old, that was just about the equivalent of a life sentence for saving lives and improving the quality if life of thousands of people. To add insult to injury, if KIMBALL lives to serve his sentence, Judge Lazzara stated KIMBALL was to serve 3 years probation and no member of KIMBALL's family could be in the dietary supplement business.

[Note: This Declaration, eight months in the writing, is a bombshell. Kimball exposes the inhumane policy of medical neglect, the myth of rehabilitation, other stories of innocent inmates and high-level investigations that are terminated without reason].


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The editors and supporters of the 12-page newspaper Cruel and Unusual have one purpose: To end malicious prosecutions that result in wrongful convictions and imprisonment. It is our belief that once Americans realize thousands of their innocent countrymen are being sent away to institutions that more closely resemble Russian gulags than corrections facilities, they will demand an immediate end to the pattern of injustice that currently dominates our nation's justice system.

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For a comprehensive understanding of the campaign to imprison Jay Kimball, go to:


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