From the February 2003 Idaho Observer:

What is WWIII really all about?

If you don't know, why don't you know? Isn't it your responsibility to know?

The people of Earth may soon be torn by WWIII. There is very little chance that war will be averted for much longer -- the global economy, global population, global resource depletion, global pollution and global diseases have reached critical masses and demand a “correction.” Current worldwide tensions are magnified by politicians and their media mouthpieces who constantly fan the flames of traditional ethnic, religious, racial and territorial disputes.

Revisionist historians have proven that the real reasons for the first two world wars were not available to the public while armies were being raised to fight them. It turns out that the masses were fooled into sending their sons into battle -- they were told that they had to fight to protect their homelands from traditional enemies. Truthfully, as history has revealed, the true purpose of WWI and WWII were to advance the interests of multinational corporations.

So what is pending WWIII really all about? If previous world wars are any indication, what we are being told is designed to enlist our support so we will once again be fooled into sending our sons and daughters off to fight and die. If we had been told the truth about WWs I and II, would we have supported them with our blood and sacrifice? If we were told the truth about WWIII, would we still support it with our blood and sacrifice?

Constitutionally and morally, the only legitimate reason for war is in defense of one's own homeland from foreign aggression.


President falls into long line of commanders-in-chief who ignore legitimate domestic grievances and gov't abuses

President Bush and his administration are energetically waging U.S. global policy in a manner that is exponentially increasing international tension. Curiously, their selective ambivalence toward certain key domestic issues is similarly increasing tensions here at home.

* The state and federal justice industry currently imprisons over 2 million (1 in every 140) Americans and 1 in 32 American adults are either behind bars, on probation or on parole -- often after being maliciously convictioned for the commission of nonviolent crimes.

* Courts are where government orders Americans to appear so it can relieve them of their property or their freedom regardless of evidence and innocence. Court officers are free to abuse the process and maliciously prosecute innocent people without fear of punishment.

* The unconstitutional income tax is wrongfully stealing the property of wage-earning Americans who have no real “income” as the term was originally defined.

* The unlawful income tax and other regulatory schemes have given rise to legions of government officers who pry into any aspect of Americans' lives they desire without fear of being held accountable.

* Our children are being medically assaulted with vaccines at birth and medically assaulted again with behavior modification drugs while in school to mask damages caused by the original insult. The problem is creating generations of weak, biochemically and psychologically imbalanced citizen subjects.

* Over a million illegals will come over the border from Mexico this year. At least 6 million illegals are in this country at any one time. The tonnage of contraband (drugs, arms, explosives) coming over the 2,000-mile U.S./ Mexican border is so extreme that the former Texas governor-turned-president is specifically ignoring the problem -- pretending it's not there. Border region citizens have formed neighborhood watches to help protect one another from property damage, armed burglary, assaults, rapes, murders and other forms of lawlessness that have been increasing steadily for decades.

Governments' active, multigenerational participation in the core issues mentioned above has given rise to other issues that have woven themselves into the worn fabric of our failing American culture. In recent memory, every president since FDR, with the possible exception of JFK, has either promoted or held a blind eye to the abuses the American public has suffered at the hands of government officials who are generally rewarded rather than reprimanded for their actions.

While yet another U.S. president prepares his nation to fight yet another war of dubious corporate origin, he, too, turns his back on Americans who would do almost anything to brag that they still live in the world's best and freest country.

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