From the February 2003 Idaho Observer:

“Standing Strong Against All Enemies” by Hal Jones

Reviewed by Don Harkins

Remember Michael New -- the U.S. soldier who, while serving his country in former Yugoslavia in 1995, disobeyed a direct order to trade in his U.S. Army insignia and replace it with UN blue?

The story of Michael New is ongoing. His principled refusal to violate his oath to support and defend his nation by joining a foreign fighting force that reports to a foreign commander led to his being imprisoned from October 10, 1995 until his court martial January 24, 1996. New came home with a “bad conduct” discharge though his stand against a treasonous order was the most noble conduct an American soldier could have displayed. The case is currently pending in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

New's story was chronicled in the book, “Michael New: Mercenary, or American Soldier?” written by his father Daniel and Cliff Kincaid. That book uses New's case to illustrate the peril our own national leadership has placed upon the American people. Our government has placed the American military under the command of a foreign power whose quest for world government is anathema to our own Constitution -- the sacred document of freedom they, too, swear an oath to protect and defend from all enemies.

New's story has had an impact on our armed forces and an edition of the book was made available with a camouflage cover that looks like an army field manual so active service personnel can read it.

And now we need to inspire younger generations -- tomorrow's soldiers -- with New's selfless stand for America. If we are to stand as a nation against the UN vision of a New World Order under a global dictatorship, then we must teach our children the importance of American sovereignty -- we must help them develop the strength to stand, as New did, in defense of our national sovereignty.

“STANDING STRONG AGAINST ALL ENEMIES,” by Hal Jones, is the teaching tool we need. It is a beautifully illustrated, full-color 56-page booklet on heavy card stock that recounts the story of Spc. Michael New through a fictitious character named David. The issues that led to New's refusal to UN blue -- his home-schooled, traveling Christian missionary son's upbringing and his own strong character -- are expertly woven into the simplified story. The effect is to provide an enjoyable read full of excellent illustrations for kids while several key seeds are planted in their young minds.

And not a moment too soon. The world is rapidly changing. Power alliances established in the post WWII-era are changing. It is inevitable that armed conflict will arise as a result of international power struggles that are playing themselves out.

Whose interests will American soldiers be protecting? Those of the American people or those of the global elite who aspire to lead a global dictatorship? That may well be up to you and what you teach your children.

The book is available at a cost of $15 each; $9 each for orders of 11 or more. Shipping included on all orders. Send check or MO to: Michael New Action fund, PO Box 100, Iredell, Texas 76649.

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