From the January 2003 Idaho Observer:

My Time is Your Time

There is no question that our Constitutional Republic has quietly been transitioned into a police state. This feat was accomplished by those who systematically gained control over the only true medium of exchange existing between all human beings. We all have an unknown amount of IT to spend. We all spend it at the same rate. Some have more of it than others. It is the most common commodity on Earth. And without it life has no meaning. No, IT is not money.

by William C. Walter

Part 1

Time is the only true medium of exchange. Whomsoever controls your time controls your life. It is ignorance of the meaning of time that leaves the door open for others to introduce false concepts on what life is all about.

The God-given right to freedom of choice for individuals means freedom to choose how you spend your time. Understanding the impact of time on our lives is essential to preserving freedom.

It's About Time

I'm sure you know what time it is, but do you know what time itself is? Define the limits of a problem and you isolate the issues involved, thus establishing the basis for a disciplined analysis. Fortunately, as we shall see, the subject of time lends itself very nicely to applying this method. The entire span of time itself consists of three entities: 1) the Past, 2) the Present, and 3) the Future.

Common sense suggests that The Present holds the greatest importance in our quest for understanding time. The Past, if it is knowable, is the product of a record having been made of an EVENT (a happening which alters an immediate set of circumstances) and the time of that EVENT. Thusly, The Past is a record of time and is not time itself. For a record to be complete it should contain, in the minimum, the who, what, when, where, why and how of the EVENT, as recorded in “real” time, during the EVENT itself.

Unless you were present in New York on Sept. 11, 2001, and personally witnessed with your own eyes the destruction of the Twin Towers (in real time), only a motion picture or video (record) made during the real time occurrence of the EVENT itself would afford an opportunity to “view” that disaster after the fact. The operative word here is EVENT. It is the timing of the EVENT that holds our interest. But, the Past is only a record of time; it's not real time.

Likewise, the Future is anticipation of time to come and thus also doesn't qualify as real time (tomorrow never comes). Again, anticipation of a future time involves an EVENT. “And it is anticipated to take all of next week to search the wreckage of the Twin Towers for possible survivors,” says the 10 o'clock New York news anchor.

Thus zeroing in on the timing of an EVENT is the heart of our research to understand time and thus define time itself. Clearly, what we have explored of the issue thus far reveals that time and EVENTS are intimately related. Since the Present is bounded on one side by the Past and on the other by the Future and, having eliminated both the Past and the Future as relevant to real time, what remains must be the true definition of time: The Present.

But to examine the Present more closely we must now narrow the limits we originally established in order to isolate “real” time.

There are two branches of science with tools that will advance our research: 1) The mathematics of the Calculus and 2) Quantum Mechanics (tiny increments called “quantums”). First, let us divide the Past and the Future into finer and finer increments of time -- quantums -- until we isolate the Present.

But what are the limits of the Present? Dividing moments of the Present into smaller and smaller quantums we are ultimately left with the tiniest increment, which is all that remains: “REAL” time. ABSOLUTE time.

ABSOLUTE time is the present moment, in “real” time, in which EVENTS anywhere and everywhere in the entire universe occur at the very same instant.

There is a simple but accurate test we can apply to validate this definition. It's called a Mental Experiment -- a technique often applied by such noted scientific authorities as Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan.

Consider for a moment (no pun intended) a planet located in a galaxy at the outer-most reaches of the universe, too far from Earth for detection by the most powerful telescopes known to man. At the precise instant (ABSOLUTE time) that you, in New York City, are swallowing your first bite of a sandwich (12-noon) and I am swallowing my first sip of morning coffee in Los Angeles (9 a.m.), a volcano begins erupting on that distant planet. All three of these EVENTS are occurring at precisely the same instant. Also, at the very same instant, billions of other EVENTS of all manner and kind are happening elsewhere in the universe. The only thing they all have in common is they all share ABSOLUTE time. At this precise instant (the Present) there is absolutely no difference in time anywhere in the entire universe.

ABSOLUTE time represents the only meaningful definition of time, the only meaningful measure of time, and the only standard of time applicable across the entire universe.

This fact has a profound significance in the scheme of things where We, the People are concerned. For the absence of knowledge of ABSOLUTE time warps our perception of what life is all about. Consider for example the paradigm of time held by just about everyone on Earth: What time is it?

Tick tock, look at the clock. The clock strikes 12. Depending on where you are relative to time zones, it's either noon or midnight. For everybody else in different time zones, the clock could strike any number between 1 and 11. So it is quite acceptable to just about everyone that the time on the clock depends on where you are.

Further evidence of the relativity of clock time is how time seems to pass very slowly while enduring EVENTS that are unenjoyable and passes quickly when we are having fun.

If all the world's clocks were everywhere synchronized to reflect ABSOLUTE time it would mess up our lives pretty good, right? So man invented his own time, tied to the rate of rotation of the Earth around the sun in one day. Man divided the day into increments of time convenient to his purposes: Hours, minutes and the smallest increment of the latter into seconds.

The clock which man invented to announce the time of day or night (depending on where you are) was divided up over 24 hours -- 12 hours of day (a.m. -- before noon) and 12 hours of night (p.m. -- afternoon). Time for the masses is reported in “local” time, and thus the need for time zones.

We even deal in microseconds to time special occasions such as races of various kinds, but not everyone needs to carry a stopwatch because timed events are not of universal importance.

It is logical to conclude ABSOLUTE time is the “real” time instant of a happening. It is also logical to conclude that time, as measured in 24-hour increments and separated in 24 time zones, is not “real” time but a construct of modern man and recognized for his own convenience.

ABSOLUTE time is a constant. An EVENT occurs in “real” time and there is nothing in the universe that can alter that reality.

As a construct of man, however, clock time was designed to be manipulated by man. As with all things that can be manipulated by man, some will refine the manipulation into a science as a means to further their own schemes.

In the case of our freedom, consider the following:

In ABSOLUTE time, “real” time events took place and those events led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War and the ratification of the Constitution.

To understand the “real” time intent of the Founders, The Federalist Papers were written. They explain the rationale for each provision of the Constitution.

The manipulators of clock time have conveniently buried the “real” time record of the Founders through Supreme Court decisions and by altering our impression of past EVENTS with books and movies.

By altering past EVENTS in our “real” time minds, we can accept what would otherwise be unacceptable. For instance, we can accept the creation of countless federal agencies as consitutional though there is no constitutional authority to create them.

If the manipulation of past EVENTS can be used to make the unconstitutional appear constitutional, then past EVENTS can also be altered to make us believe that good is bad, black is white, vice is virtue and...

You have a month to let the significance of ABSOLUTE time and clock time as it relates to our loss of freedom sink in. The concept is made more difficult to understand because our steadily advancing loss of freedom is such a personal issue.

In Part 2 of “My Time Is Your Time” we will examine the impact of ABSOLUTE time on the science of astronomy and the space travel industry. By using as examples the less personal manipulations of time as they pertain to our understanding of celestial bodies and putting a man on Mars, the reletionship of manipulated clock time to our loss of freedom will become painfully apparent.

Point to ponder: Time -- the only truly immortal entity in the universe.

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