From the January 2003 Idaho Observer:

Your body their battlefield

Look around. Within the span of a few generations, the American dream has devolved into an economically-driven, man-made-microbe-infested sociopolitical nightmare. Whether intended or not, the minds and bodies of the common man are being poisoned and our ability to think, act and maintain health has been compromised on a global scale.

God gave us bodies, every cell of which comprises our immune system. Our immune systems, our bodies, are so divinely constructed they will neutralize potentially damaging natural agents before they enter our bloodstreams -- rivers of life. Our skin, mucous membranes, gastric juices, glands, lymphatic systems, internal organs and capillaries are a series of processes and filters that work in concert to keep the blood clean. All that is required to maintain health naturally is faith, innate common sense and adherence to a few basic principles that have been described in The Idaho Observer and are also described in the Bible and other theological works.

We are currently forced to exist in an unnatural environment of supermicrobes that are the product of decades of chemical and biological weapons research and development. The purpose of these microbes is to bypass the defenses God gave us, penetrate our bloodstreams and make us sick. We are being told to fear these man-made microbes and told our bodies have no defenses against them. We are being told more man-made substances (vaccines and other pharmaceutical drugs) must be injected directly into the blood stream to either protect us from these scary superbugs if they get into our blood or do battle with them if they are already there.

Our collective American bloodstreams are 300 million of rivers of life that bathe every cell of our bodies, from birth to death, in clean, unadulterated nutrient-rich vital fluid that promotes good health in our people. If our rivers of life become polluted with materials never intended to be there, they become perpetually recirculating poison-delivery systems that will eventually cause sickness, organ failure and premature death.

In essence, science and government are bypassing God and the natural defenses He gave us to wage an unseen microscopic war on us. The battlefield of their choosing is our bloodstreams. If people can be sickened in this usually voluntary manner, their ability to resist government oppression is dramatically diminished. Without firing a shot, tyrants in government can claim victory over a once-free people.

The devitalization of our freedom spirit is of tremendous convenience to those who wish to control us. Those who wish to control us are, coincidentally, also staunch advocates of mass vaccination. ~DWH


Search engines reveal 21st century battlefields

Mad science's microbes replace traditional guns and bombs to wage war inside the human body

By Don Harkins

Only on the TV show of public consciousness is war still fought mano y mano with conventional weapons. War today is waged inside our bodies.

Wars have traditionally been fought on battlefields or on the high seas. Those who believe the nightly news keeps them fully informed as to the daily development of current events may still believe coming conflicts will be resolved through the strategic delivery of traditional guns and bombs.

However, plugging key words into an Internet search engine reveals that decades of genetic, chemical/biological weapons and immunological/epidemiological research has unleashed a maelstrom of man-made and manipulated pathogens and chemical killers. This research has carelessly gone forward irrespective that its consequences, unintended or otherwise, threaten the biological viability of every plant and animal on earth -- including humans.

This edition of The Idaho Observer intends to take the reader beyond his ordinary understanding of visible, day-to-day events. If you accept the challenge and spend just a couple of hours following website leads into the maze of microbial research, you will discover that conventional wars create conditions whereby debilitating and lethal substances may find their way into our bloodstreams.

If you can, go to and type “smallpox, vaccinia, syphilis, AIDS, Gadjusek, Alibek, declassified Tuskegee experiments, radiation experiments” and “encephalopathic diseases” -- just for starters.

A mere two hours with the terms mentioned above will prove to you that “oil” is just a cover story for the war on terrorism -- which is a cover story for the real war being waged upon on the planet's 6 billion people.

Humans are at the mercy of mad scientists whose virulent, genetically modified work products are entering our bloodstreams by sneaking past our natural defenses.

How? Government mandated medical procedures, government-approved chemical food additives, government-approved chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers and government-sponsored chemical and biological weapons experiments.

Man made superbugs and chemicals are being mass produced by greed-driven pharma cartels to meet the marketplace demands of the internationally disillusioned public and public health industry.

If pharma cartels and governments have their way, every person on the planet will be exposed to harmful chemicals and forcibly injected with harmful pathogens. Those pathogens will immediately or eventually produce adverse effects that can only be “cured” with pharmaceutical drugs. Socio/political cooperation is undoubtedly the key to receiving medical attention in our Brave New World.

Go look for yourself. The science speaks for itself. As a practical matter, if you cannot keep government from forcing potentially lethal substances into the bodies of your children, then of what concern is war in Iraq?

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