From the January 2003 Idaho Observer:

FRAUD: The engine driving federal/state/local smallpox mass vaccination plans

by Don Harkins

After over a month of politely insisting upon seeing a copy of Idaho's smallpox mass vaccination plan, it was finally received. First, a FAXed copy from a local newspaper reporter who was noticeably upset by the contents of the plan, arrived Dec. 30, 2002. And then, finally, without a note or anything else attached, the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare (IDHW) Bureau of Health Policy and Vital Statistics forwarded a clean copy of the 34-page plan.

The plan cites as fact several scientifically and historically provable inaccuracies with regard to smallpox as the foundational basis which justifies vaccinating the entire nation against the disease.

From the Table of Contents (see below right) one can sense the gravity of what is being proposed with this mass vaccination plan. Though this plan is specific to Idaho, the plans submitted to the CDC by every state are no doubt similar as they, like Idaho, are modeled on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations that were forwarded to the several states Sept. 22, 2002.

The pandemic preparedness industry

Pandemic preparedness plans have been under construction since President Ford ordered that the Federal Guidebook to Pandemic Preparedness be drafted in 1973 after the swine flu mass vaccination disaster. The guidebook was still in draft form when President Clinton ordered it be completed in 1993. By 1998, cities and counties all over the nation began adopting emergency powers ordinances that would trigger the implementation of martial law in the event of a declared state of emergency. By Nov. 1, 2001, the CDC had released its Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA), which, if adopted by the several states, would give governors the power to suspend the Constitution and declare states of medical martial law.

Detailed descriptions of MEHPA are available at

Both Vaccination Liberation and The Idaho Observer have been studying the history of pandemic preparedness in the U.S. and have been monitoring its snowballing evolution since 1998.

To fully grasp the significance of vaccinating at least 80 percent of 280,000,000 Americans, just look around you while shopping or driving in a mid-sized town. Then expand your mind to encompass mass vaccination efforts that will simultaneously be taking place in all the small towns, medium sized cities and major metropolises throughout the nation. Imagine the resources, the manpower and police state authority that will be required to vaccinate almost everyone in America within a few days time.

When the mass vaccination machinery is triggered, decades of preparation and billions of dollars will unleash themselves on America.

Though we finally received most of the state plan (“Section G” of the state plan relating to the transition to mass vaccinating the public is not available to the public), the local plans are “confidential” and are unavailable to the public. A state legislator on the Health and Welfare committee has thus far been denied access to local, health district-wide plans -- a sign that public health with regard to mass vaccination is a “top secret” government operation.

It is our belief that decades of preparation make the eventual implementation of medical martial law and mass vaccination inevitable. The American public has been prepped for medical martial law by being taught to fear diseases and believe that vaccines are the only way to prevent them. We will not go into the details of 50 years of disease-scare in America at this time. We will, however, preface the following plan by stating without reservation that FRAUD is the engine driving mass smallpox vaccination plans.

The little engine that would: FRAUD

The Idaho state plan perpetuates several smallpox “myths” to justify mass vaccination.

1. Regardless that the World Health Organization declared the world “smallpox free” in 1980, it is not -- the name of the disease was merely changed. Based upon the false belief that smallpox no longer appears naturally, the CDC claims one case will indicate we are under biological attack, thus triggering mass vaccination on a premise that does not withstand medical reality or scientific scrutiny.

2. The CDC claims that 30 percent of people die from the disease. We have CDC virologists on record stating that the 30 percent figure is comprised of largely impoverished, malnourished third-world children who live in unsanitary conditions and is not representative of figures that would result in the U.S.

3. The CDC claims that the smallpox vaccine is “considered safe.” The vaccine is arguably the most unsafe of all vaccines and has been linked to numerous chronic ailments that plague modern Americans. The package insert for the smallpox vaccine describes how dangerous the vaccine really is. Plus, much of the vaccine is diluted from old stock produced decades ago and is experimental in nature (30 percent of healthy college students have experienced adverse reactions in recent clinical trials).

4. The CDC claims the vaccine prevents the spread of smallpox. The claim is absurd on its face because the vaccine contains “vaccinia” virus (diseased material taken from cows) and the virus associated with smallpox in humans is called “variola.” Vaccine theory demands a specific antigen be provided for a specific virus.

5. The CDC claims publicly that smallpox is virulently contagious when its own documents prove that it is not very contagious.

The list of inaccuracies regarding the epidemiological potential of smallpox is nearly limitless. But, they intend to vaccinate us all anyway. That is why Vaccination Liberation and The Idaho Observer published Smallpox Alert! -- an eight-page, publication of historical and contemporary truth regarding smallpox. Smallpox Alert! is an interesting, engaging read designed to prompt people to question the intelligence of blindly accepting a poison needle.

If we are to derail this plan, which will likely result in a public health disaster of cataclysmic proportions, it is going to come from educating ourselves, friends, family and the various human components of the mass vaccination machinery -- police, doctors, nurses, elected officials -- to the point they resist participating in this lunacy.

On a personal note, I have been an opposition publisher since 1995. A lot of things have happened in America since that time. The end result to most things that happen is the federal government grows in both size and authority. Increasing numbers of people are becoming concerned that the federal government will not stop usurping power until it controls everything there is to control. We can clearly see the federal octopus now. It is huge. The bigger we allow it to grow the less likely we, as Americans, will be able to stop it with petitions and organized non-violent civil disobedience.

It has become obvious the federal government, which has clearly left the confines of its constitutional straightjacket, will eventually clash with those who intend to put it back into its constitutional place. What would come of such a confrontation is the stuff from which daydreams and movies are made. In my own daydreams, as various scenarios have played themselves out in my mind, it never occurred to me that we would end up this way.

To think that our country could be destroyed because our people have become so accepting of their slave status they would climb over one another with their sleeves rolled up -- begging for the poisoned needle. How pathetic. How dishonorable. How undignified. Free people will not allow government to inject poison into their bodies under the guise of public health.

One last comment before you begin to read the “plan” your government has for you. Go to Revelations 16:1-2. The King James Version is best for our purposes because the language used is perfect for the subject of this post. It may be that God is using the Bush administration to accomplish a task and that mass vaccination against smallpox is inevitable. What remains to be seen, however, is who will succumb to the “vials” of God's wrath. That, it seems, is totally dependent upon our relationship with God.

Good luck to us all in 2003. We have a lot of work to do. Our mission is not to change the government which, unfortunately is a mirror image of ourselves as a nation, but to change the hearts and minds of our countrymen so that our government will be a reflection of our better selves.

Below is the table of contents for Idaho's “Post-Event Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines, Draft 5.0 -- 12/20/02.” An analysis of the 34-page plan is on page 12; an electronic version of the plan is available at

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary

II. Criteria for implementation of CDC and Idaho Smallpox Plans             4

III. Notification Procedures for Suspected Smallpox Cases                 5

IV. Outline of CDC and State/Local Responsibilities                 5

V. CDC Vaccine Deployment                         7

VI. CDC Personnel Mobilization and Deployment for Assistance              7

Guide A - Surveillance, Contact Tracing, and Epidemiological Investigations Guidelines     10

1. Pre-event rash surveillance

2. Smallpox clinical presentations and differential diagnosis

3. Smallpox case definitions

4. Epidemiological (case and outbreak) investigation

5. Surveillance following an outbreak

6. Contact identification, tracing and surveillance

7. List of Forms

Guide B - Vaccination Guidelines                         16

l. Vaccination strategies

2. Source of CDC Guidelines on:

Indications for vaccination; Contraindications for vaccination; Reconstitution,

administration, and storage of vaccine; Recognition of expected vaccine reactions/take;

Recognition of adverse reactions; indications and guidelines for VIG administration;

Contingencies for re-sterilization of bifurcated needles

Guide C - Isolation Guidelines                         18

1. Isolation Measures

4. Quarantine

Guide D - Specimen Collection and Transport Guidelines                 20

Guide E - Communications Plans and Activities                     21

Guide F - Decontamination Guidelines                         31

1. Reusable medical equipment

2. Medical waste

3. Surfaces

4. Protective clothing, bedding, linens, etc.

5. Facility/Rooms

6. Transportation vehicle

Guide G - Transition to Mass Vaccination - Official Public Health Use Only

[This section is not available to the public.]

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