From the January 2003 Idaho Observer:

Vaccines and medicine -- not father -- caused Florida baby's death, toxicologist concludes

ORLANDO, Florida -- Mohammed Al-Bayati, Ph.D., recently published a report that identifies the cause of the injuries that led to the 1997 death of Baby Alan. Dr. Al-Bayati's findings support the beliefs of vaccine damage experts and activists from all over the world; that Baby Alan died of complications resulting from the administration contraindicated vaccines -- not from being shaken to death by his father.

“I identified the causes of injuries in this case. Mr. Yurko is innocent,” Dr. al-Bayati stated. Dr. Al-Bayati, a toxicologist and pathologist, enjoys international acclaim for his ground-breaking research into the toxicological roots of AIDS. Now he has become the latest member in a growing body of scientists and lay people who are part of the Yurko Project.

The baby's father Alan Yurko was sentenced to life plus ten years in prison for shaking his baby to death. Yurko's conviction and sentence is symptomatic of a national trend that has, in potentially hundreds of cases, wrongfully imprisoned parents for shaken baby syndrome (SBS) as a cover for vaccine damage.

One day in Nov., 1997, Baby Alan, born in a weakened state after a difficult pregnancy just two and one half months before, stopped breathing. Yurko rushed his son to the hospital where he died a few hours later.

Dr. Al-Bayati found that Baby Alan had been given high doses of sodium bicarbonate and heparin, which caused cardiac arrest and internal bleeding -- symptoms similar to SBS. Dr. Al-Bayati explored the toxicological aspects of the unfortunate baby's case because the child did not develop SBS-like symptoms until after he was admitted to the hospital.

Aside from Dr. Al-Bayati's thorough investigation into the cause of Baby Alan's death being consistent with the facts of the case that prove Yurko's innocence, his inquiries bring to light certain discrepancies that indicate prosecutorial misconduct. “They said they had examined the baby's heart, but they didn't, because it had already been harvested for donation; they did not review the child's medical history, nor did they analyze the effects of the vaccines and medications that were in the baby's system,” he observed.

“They sent an innocent man to jail,” commented Dr. Al-Bayati after he had conducted an investigation into the baby's death -- something Dr. Al-Bayati claims was not done by the attending medical examiner.

Dr. Al-Bayati determined that the baby's death was vaccine-and-medication induced; the reaction of the child's system to an overload of drugs and antibiotics.

The implications of the Yurko case are huge. “No one has looked at the toxicological effects that medications may have on a segment of the population, and many cases labeled SIDS or SBS are probably something else,” Dr. Al-Bayati said.

The Yurko project filed a 100-page appeal in the Florida supreme Court in March, 2002. The hearing is expected to be heard sometime this year. The Yurko case is getting a boost by the recent release of three other Florida men who, it was determined, were wrongfully imprisoned for SBS. Prosecutorial misconduct was a key component of those convictions as well. Dr. Al-Bayati's report can be found at:

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