From the November 2002 Idaho Observer:

What if what we're being told about West Nile virus is a lie?

The 1979 Encyclopedia Britannica describes West Nile fever as a “viral disease endemic in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In the brief illness it causes there are chills, fever, headache, pain behind the eyeballs and weakness.”

From the investigative research of Dr. Leonard Horowitz we discover that West Nile virus has been of specific interest to American virologists working under contract with the U.S. government since being isolated in Uganda in the 1930s.

While consulting New York State records and ozone maps from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), researcher Jim West noticed there was a strong correlation between areas of high (pollution-induced) ozone levels and dead birds that turned up positive for West Nile virus.

The government's remedy is spraying entire regions of the country with toxic pesticides to control mosquitoes when even the CDC states that the chance that a person will contract West Nile virus from a mosquito is low.

Since aerial spraying of pesticides like malathion and anvil kill other insects and animals that eat mosquitoes, the theory that government cures are worse than the disease is well-supported. “It seems we're traveling in a deadly circle. Spraying for West Nile, while we're gassing ourselves. Falling for a health scare, when the real scare is the alleged cure. And the real cure can be found in the natural world we're attacking,” observed freelance environmental journalist Lynn Landers.

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