From the November 2002 Idaho Observer:

Whoever would have thought that it would cost so much time and money to petition the government of our free republic for a redress of grievances?

by We the People

Following the publication of the full-page ad in USA Today November 1, 2002, people from all corners of the country have contacted us to express their appreciation for our efforts. Many said they will be joining the Freedom Drive and will stand with us in D.C. on November 14th.

The ad has been read by millions of people across this nation - people who would not have otherwise heard about our strong, firm, substantial and solid defense of the Constitution and the People's Rights.

Please note that due to recent schedule changes, the members of the United States Congress WILL be returning to Washington, D.C., on November 11th. and Congress will be in session on November 14th, increasing the importance of Freedom Drive 2002, and making the People's presence in Washington on the 14th even more significant. A change to our park permit has our Freedom Drive event now staged directly across from, and in open view of the Capitol, rather than at the other end of the National Mall at the Washington Monument.

We have done much to prepare for Freedom Drive 2002, but again, we must ask for your additional help to properly stage the historical event that awaits us on November 14th.

We now unveil more details and ask you to visualize what your help will create:

A. Two large crane-type vehicles, one in plain view of the White House and one directly across from the Capitol - each crane suspending two large billboard size banners from it, (back-to-back) almost three stories off the ground. There are two provocative messages, each displayed at both locations and rotated on an hourly basis.

The first banner: Graphics of the first page of the 4-page U.S. Constitution, proudly proclaiming “We The People” and a graphic of the Bill of Rights. Text superimposed over the graphics says, “Dear Government: Obey The Constitution, or Else. . . Sincerely, We The People”.

Same scale second banner: Superimposed over front and back imaged of Form 1040 are the words: “Dear Government: NO Answers, NO Taxes. Sincerely, We The People.”

B. A large elevated stage with protective roofing, sound system and lighting situated directly in front of the US Capitol using it as a backdrop to this watershed event. The stage is decorated with large state flags from every state in the Union hanging vertically in full face fashion. Upon this stage will first appear the live entertainment and speakers and then, you will witness, as the Moment of Truth arrives, perhaps one of the most important speeches in this nation's history.

C. In your own home, in offices at your workplace and in television stations around the nation, people of all walks of life gather around their computers (or watch a live satellite feed) and witness Bob Schulz, tell the world what the American People are going to do about a government that is allegedly operating outside the boundaries that the people have drawn around its power and a government that will not justify its behavior, will not honor its oaths of office, will not honor its obligation to respond to the People's Petitions for Redress of Grievances, and will not answer the Peoples' questions about the law, the Constitution or the government's legal authority. The words, images and the raw energy of history revealing itself will be experienced live, for free, from Bangor, Maine to San Diego, California by citizens that, for whatever reason, cannot be in D.C.

We come to you with great anticipation of what may occur over the next two weeks. Doing things of this magnitude requires substantial amounts of money and, unfortunately we need the support now or we will not be able to do all that we hope to do. The current estimated cost for the stage, the crane vehicles and the building size graphics is $29,000. A basic internet webcast, production and uplink/streaming can be configured for around $30,000. We have not yet been able to fully execute the contracts for these items.


Note: What Freedom Drive represents is moving the federal government back into check regarding the income tax after a three-year game. We the People have been a most worthy adversary. The only move left is an act of non-violent civil disobedience. That act will take place in Washington, D.C. Years from now when your grandchildren ask what you did to help restore the Constitution Nov. 14, 2002, what will you tell them?

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