From the November 2002 Idaho Observer:

Old patent + OZ Technology = thermal motor

By Don Harkins

RATHDRUM -- OZ Technology president Gary Lindgren is currently improving upon a concept that he is convinced will revolutionize the power industry and provide businesses and private citizens with a virtually unlimited source of passively generated free energy.

Lindgren is currently perfecting a working model that will adequately demonstrate the viability of the thermal motor theory. As the model has been developing, complications that he hadn't considered have surfaced and improvements are being incorporated into the work-in-progress. “We are really encouraged by what we have learned thus far,” commented Lindgren.

Lindgren is no stranger to the politics of invention. The former aerospace engineer also developed organic hydrocarbon blend refrigerants that can directly replace banned synthetic refrigerants such as Freon and HFC-134a.

Lindgren believes that once his working model is complete investors will come on line to provide resource capital that will allow him to adapt his thermal engine to specific applications. “I see this motor being easily adaptable to provide low cost, possibly even free energy to light industry. I also envision a day in the not-too-distant future where this thermal motor can be mass produced and marketed to homeowners for a source of low cost or free energy in residential applications.”

Lindgren has been working with hydrocarbons for the last decade. He is intimately familiar with their chemistry and their thermal capabilities. He was sure that he could generate power from simply heating and cooling hydrocarbons.

Lindgren's innovative mind defines the concept of American ingenuity. In 1999 he decided to do a patent search to see what “prior art” was available to provide a technological platform upon which to begin the research and development of the thermal motor of his imagination.

What he found was a patent granted to the Iske brothers of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1881. Lindgren did the math on the principles described in the patent and realized that, while their theory was sound, the Iske brothers approach would not lead to the development of a motor that could produce torque. “Based upon this patent, it is no wonder thermal motors aren't in everyday use by now,” Lindgren observed.

Americans will need off-grid energy sources as rising costs and rolling brown outs during summer, 2001, are warnings that the flow of power company-provided electricity could be interrupted at any time.

Lindgren expects his working model, when completed by the first of the year, will demonstrate the functionality of his thermal motor. “The thermal motor works. Now it's just a matter of showing people that it works. Once they understand they will no longer be dependent upon utility companies to provide them with power, they will get behind the thermal motor as an efficient, environmentally-friendly, low-cost source of independently produced power,” Lindgren concluded.

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