From the October 2002 Idaho Observer:

Austin, Portland Redemption Centers form buyers' groups

from the Sept., 2002 NORFED newsletter

Austin Redemption Centers (RCs) are at it again! As the many readers of the American Liberty Dollar (ALD) Forum know, the RCs in Austin have banded together and formed a Regional Buyers Group (RBG). As a further example of a free enterprise monetary system based on self-interest, Austin RCs were the first to order the Silver Libertys together so they could get them at a greater discount and “make more money, do more good, and have more fun!”

How wonderful! And although some may think this is anti-NORFED or against the spirit of The Liberty Dollar, this is not the case whatsoever. In fact, this is a beautiful example of the “horizontallity” of a single tier monetary structure that I spoke of several years ago. The Regional Buyers Group is another example of an organic economic architecture that evolves out of self-interest. And although such a development appears to happen at random, it is simply the nature of free association that is self-correcting and sustainable.

In short, a RBG is a natural system of free men and women versus a system of centralized fraud by the government and its lapdog the Federal Reserve. Another RBG has started in the great northwest, centered in Portland, Oregon. Contact Marcel Bendshadler RC at if you are interested.

Of special interest are the By-Laws created by the Regional Buyers Group (RBG) in Austin. They exemplify thoughtful insights and could well set the stage for further development. For that reason, I encourage all buyer groups to co-develop a unified set of by-laws so that all groups may then band together in the future and create a national, independent, geodesic monetary association and provide all the services as required by the marketplace.

Along similar lines, Rob Jacobs OH/RC ( has started a National Buyers Group (NBG) for RCs who want to buy the Silver Libertys in bulk at a greater discount than they can for smaller orders. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with this idea, as it is another extension of man's self-interest. And although I have considerations about the effectiveness due to shipping costs or to any group holding other people's money, this is not NORFED's business nor is NORFED responsible. As we remain keenly interested in the welfare of all RCs, I have asked the National Fulfillment Office to assist all groups so that the most efficient structure evolves without any losses to any RC.

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