From the October 2002 Idaho Observer:

What can you do with Liberty Currency and Liberty Coin?

Answer: You can use it

Most of The Idaho Observer's readers know that one of the main ingredients of our great American servitude is our fiat money system -- money that has no value, does not represent value and is in circulation by government decree. Every time we exchange one of those fiat Federal Reserve Auditing Unit Dollars (FRAUDS) for a good or a service, we are facilitating the transfer of tangible assets out of our hands and into the hands of the international banking cartel.

We have at our disposal a perfectly legal and lawful medium of exchange that is gold or silver or a warehouse receipt that can be redeemed for a specified amount of gold or silver. Its use does not require the payment of taxes, interest or fees. However, you can purchase $1,000 worth of Liberty Coin for 25 percent below face value.

The National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code (NORFED) has been issuing gold and silver-backed currency since 1998. What was a novel idea and a tool to teach people about the fraudulent money system has exploded into a viable alternative medium of exchange.

At this time the number of NORFED Redemption Centers (persons and businesses who will exchange Liberty Currency for FRAUDS) is increasing exponentially. The number of businesses who will accept Liberty Currency or Coin is also increasing at a pace that represents an explosion in the use and acceptance of an alternative medium of exchange in America.

Where a few years ago one was only able to realistically exchange Liberty Currency with like-minded individuals, it is now possible to use it in regular, day-to-day commerce. It also seems that people more readily accept the $10 Silver Liberty Coins at first and then, as they get used to the idea, are willing to accept the currency as a matter of convenience (which is exactly what has happened throughout history as money systems evolve).

Using The Idaho Observer as an example, here is how we have increased the volume of Liberty Currency we circulate:

1. In September, 2001, The IO became a Redemption Center

2. We committed to accepting Liberty Currency or Coin in exchange for any good or service The IO offers.

3. As Liberty Currency comes in, we exchange it for $10 Silver Liberty Coins.

4. We then go out into public with a pocketful of Silver Libertys and offer them to store clerks as payment for goods and services.

You will find that many store owners will accept them. Those that do ask what it is can be given a quick explanation of how it is real money and a better value than the fake stuff they usually take in exchange for their wares.

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