From the October 2002 Idaho Observer:

NORFED announces American Liberty Festival in Austin next year

“Rock and Talk” will bring alternatives to the mainstream

AUSTIN, Texas -- American Liberty Currency (ALC) developer Bernard vonNothaus has announced that NORFED plans to commemorate the five year anniversary of ALC with a big, one day festival to be held here late next summer or early fall.

vonNothaus envisions attracting some 5,000 people to the event he describes as “Rock and Talk.” He plans to book one major headlining rock band and other bands of lesser notoriety. Patriotic speakers will be scheduled to address the crowd while bands set up between shows.

Though the event is still in the planning stages, vonNothaus is excited about the impact such an event will have on the acceptance and circulation of ALC. “The bands will attract the average person who may know nothing about the monetary system and, while at ease in a festive, rock and roll environment, they will get a first rate lesson in money,” commented vonNothaus.

The point is well made. Most people who learn about the fraudulent nature of the money system and other aspects of the “conspiracy” must attend a “patriot” function or seek out alternative information sources. In any event, a person must first desire the information and then go out in search of it. Ordinary, everyday Americans who do not go out in search of information or who have been conditioned to believe that those who do are anti-government extremists to be feared are difficult to reach. By inviting ordinary, everyday Americans out for a day of good food, good music and good company, they will be much more open to suggestion.

If the American Liberty Festival is a success, then NORFED will have developed a template for successfully reprogramming the American people into believing they must defend their rights to life, liberty and happiness because their current government is not doing it for them.

ALC Redemption Centers from all over the country are encouraged to set up exhibition booths and bring the whole family. Discounts will be available to those who pay in ALC.

If you have suggestions or a musical contact, forward them to event coordinator Michael Badnerik at

To stay abreast of details of the American Liberty Festival as they develop, visit the website at

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