From the October 2002 Idaho Observer:

Traficant expulsion and “Operation Squeezeplay”

by The Idaho Observer

In 1995 China threatened to nuke Los Angeles over U.S. meddling in its intentions to invade Taiwan. In 1996 Chinese government-owned Chinese Overseas Shipping Company (COSCO) was sanctioned for smuggling Chinese people and Chinese-made assault rifles into the U.S. (COSCO is also implicated in large scale smuggling of opium into the U.S.). In 1997 the Clinton administration leased the retired navy base at Long Beach, California, to the Chinese government. In 1998 Panama gave control of the canal to China. In 1999 China received most favored nation trading status. In 2000 COSCO is caught smuggling Chinese nationals into Canada and the U.S. At this time, China controls the port of Grand Bahama off the coast of Florida and also maintains a cooperative military presence in Cuba. It would appear to the casual observer that China, with the help of the U.S. government, is maneuvering for a direct military and economic assault on the American people. The scenario would appear paranoid if it weren't for Operation Squeezeplay and U.S. withdrawal from that extremely illuminating undercover intelligence-gathering operation. James Leigh is a very courageous government undercover operative whose work single-handedly lead to the United States issuing 11 indictments and secured four convictions of high-ranking foreign officials in China and Korea. The assignment was named “Operation Squeezeplay.”

The following has been adapted from the correspondence of Rep. Trafficant's attorney Linda Kennedy who is putting herself in grave danger by continuing to fight for her client. The danger is not the fight itself but who is waiting at ringside in the shadows.

Had Rep. Traficant released what he knew about Leigh and Operation Squeezeplay, he could have offered proof that there was a Department of Justice conspiracy against him. But, he stayed quiet to protect Leigh and his family.

Leigh uncovered several unlawful immigration scams where humans were being smuggled into the U.S. for a fee of $50,000 per head -- for an estimated $500,000,000.

Leigh claims that he was ready to close in on the entire illegal operation of the Chinese and Korean governments when Bill Clinton and Janet Reno put a stop to any further undercover work involving Operation Squeezeplay.

Though he had risked his life for his country and the U.S. had agreed to provide protection for he and his family, the DOJ ignored its deal and let Leigh and his family fend for themselves.

Editor's note: Leigh had confided in Rep. Traficant who was then apprised of his frustrations, concerns and details of the sting. Rep. Traficant, who was infamous for his one-minute, America first speeches, understood the deeper meaning of Operation Squeezeplay and Clinton's putting a stop to the investigation before its full exposure. Rep. Traficant saw it as a dire threat to national security. Considering Rep. Traficant's conviction came while President Bush was in charge and that Operation Squeezeplay has not been reactivated, the Chinese are still a dire threat to national security -- a threat that is apparently sanctioned in the highest levels of U.S. government.

Leigh also noted that during Traficant's expulsion hearing, Congress overwhelmingly said “Nay” on the voice vote but almost unanimously voted “Yea” when Rep. Hefley insisted that an electronic vote be recorded. In other words, Congress knew he wasn't guilty but too frightened for their own lives to put it in writing.

Inside the dragon's den

(adapted from

In early 2000, Operation Squeezeplay uncovered the fact that the Chinese government was directly involved in the smuggling of Asian people into the U.S.

Leigh became a well-connected associate of a Canadian crime syndicate. His activities led to the indictment of Chinese General Fhang Wei who is still under indictment but safe in China as head of the Fuijan Province Public Security Bureau.

Leigh's work uncovered the relationship of the Chinese and North Koreans. He claims to have videotaped Chinese and North Koreans moving dismantled Chinese scud missiles through Nepal on mules over the Himalayas to customers in Afghanistan and Iran (Leigh's claims are reportedly validated by U.S. military satellite photos).

Leigh believes that the Chinese are still smuggling Asian people into the U.S. and Canada. He also said there is an unholy trinity between the Triad gangs (gangs of organized Asian criminals that occupy the niche traditionally occupied by the Mafia in Europe and North American as trafficking in drugs, stolen goods and prostitution) and certain very wealthy businessmen and the People's Liberation (Red Chinese) Army.

Leigh described how Clinton pulled the plug on Operation Squeezeplay right before Congress voted to give China “most favored nation trading status.”


Note: It is difficult to believe this is all just business. From a tactical viewpoint, it would appear that China and the U.S. government are at war with the American people. With thanks to The Spectrum.

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