From the September 2002 Idaho Observer:

If your god is God, then vaccines should be appalling

by Susan Pearce

Sometimes a health professional or school official tells a parent that his child must be vaccinated, even though the parent asks to have his child exempted.

Harold Buttram, M.D., described very well some reasons people need to do their own research on the vaccination issue. His Vaccine Scene 2000 -- Review and Update can be read at

When you start to do your own research and begin to understand the effect of vaccine ingredients on the immune system, you may decide these ingredients are harmful to the human body.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, an osteopath from Cleveland, Ohio, stated, “A vaccine may contain 0.002 percent of a toxic substance such as formaldehyde. The percentage may seem like an insignificant, or safe amount. However, the percentages, particularly when multiple antigens are injected at one time, often exceed the parts per million safety guidelines established by the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

She goes on to say that doctors need to understand that vaccines contain toxic ingredients and foreign DNA that do not belong in the bodies of people. She believes it is up to ordinary citizens to insist that physicians do the reading and the math. When they have done their homework, Dr. Tenpenny claims that it becomes nearly impossible for physicians to justify vaccinating children as the most intelligent way to immunize them from childhood diseases.

Medical and religious exemptions to “mandatory” vaccines are available in Wyoming. Keeping our blood pure (untainted by the many ingredients in vaccines) and our seed (our genes) from being mixed with RNA and DNA from foreign species is a principle that people often do not think of.

When God told us to keep the blood pure and to not let the seed be mixed, He had good reasons. Our immune system was created to fight an invasion of pathogens by mounting an acute response. This acute response drives the disease from the body and, in the process, strengthens the immune system so that it can be more effective in protecting us from any future onslaughts.

Vaccination does away with God's methods of ridding the body of these pathogens. Vaccines introduce an artificial means of prevention that has been shown to be a contributing factor in the development of chronic diseases and starts a process of genetic recombination in human cells. Imagine the result after several generations of genetic alterations in human cells. Our parents and grandparents had the smallpox vaccine, then the next generation had the diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and polio vaccines. The next generation has been given measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, and others. The human immune system, at least in those who have been vaccinated, is made weaker and is less capable of responding effectively to an infection.

When people decide to place their faith in man's means of disease prevention instead of in God and the beautiful, efficient immune system He created for us, they needn't be shocked to discover the damage they have done to the human race.

Isaac Golden, author of Vaccination? A Review of Risks and Alternatives, put it so well when he said, “To someone whose god is science, vaccination makes sense. But to someone whose god is God, it is appalling.”


Susan Pearce is the director of the Wyoming Vaccine Information Network, or 307-655-2574. Susan has worked tirelessly to educate her state regarding vaccine dangers and facilitates two monthly support group meetings with co-director Jacque Jones, one in Sheridan and the other in Buffalo. Susan has lead the movement in her state to defeat the Model Emergency Health Powers Act and other legislative bills that would minimize Wyoming citizens' right to refuse vaccines.

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