From the September 2002 Idaho Observer:

Freedom Drive 2002

Freedom Drive 2002: All roads lead to D.C.

by We the People

Veteran's day is an appropriate day for Americans to remember the sacrifices of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty from earlier generations and to pledge themselves to an equal sacrifice in a modern defense of our Freedoms here at home.

Veteran's day is an equally appropriate day for all Americans to acknowledge the breadth and depth of the government's arrogance, abuses and usurpations.

Veteran's day is an appropriate day for We The People to initiate a formal strategic defense of our Rights against domestic governmental tyranny. It is time to put a collective foot down and say, “Enough is enough.”

On Veteran's Day weekend, November 9th and 10th, 2002, cars, vans and trucks will leave from cities on the West Coast (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and San Diego). They will come together in Salt Lake City, where they will meet with more cars, vans and trucks coming down from the north and up from the south in caravans.

These travelers will journey on to Denver, where they will meet with more cars, vans and trucks coming down from the north and up from the south in caravans.

The company of vehicles traveling in single file will continue to Kansas City, where they will be joined by more cars, vans and trucks coming down from the north and up from the south in caravans.

The expedition will continue on to St. Louis, where it will be met by more cars, vans and trucks coming down from the north and up from the south in caravans.

The pilgrimage will continue on to Indianapolis, where it will be joined by more cars, vans and trucks coming down from the north and up from the south in caravans.

The great multitude will continue on to Frederick, Maryland where they will be joined by more cars, vans and trucks down from the north and up from the south.

These Sons and Daughters of Liberty will continue on to Washington DC, where they are to be joined by more cars, vans and trucks from the north and the south, for a drive around the Capitol, the White House and the Supreme Court Building and to participate in a rally at the Washington Monument.

The People's purpose in this civil action is to convey to the government a five-fold message:

The Constitution is more than a piece of paper and the People will not let it become a dead letter;

None of the unalienable rights of the People are subject to modification or seizure by the government;

The government is limited by the words of the Constitution;

There are legions of People who are willing to stand and defend their Rights, Liberties and Freedoms and the essential principles of “popular sovereignty” and “government of by and for the people” and

The People now realize it is their duty to meet force with force to defend against the government's unconstitutional attempts to seize power from the People.

Many Americans have been quietly enduring their private frustrations as they have watched the steady erosion of their Liberties, Rights and Freedoms. They have felt isolated and powerless. Some have even been ready to give in and give up.

To all Americans we say join with us as we unite with those who have struggled for freedom in all generations. The willing sacrifice of life and treasure won America's freedom and will be required again to preserve it. We cannot, we must not fail to act in the defense of Liberty when that opportunity presents itself. We have a sacred duty to honor the sacrifices of the past and restore freedom to this great nation.

The groundswell of public support is coming and we invite you to join us in making it happen.

To all domestic enemies of Individual Liberty: We the People we will never give up.

To all our friends and supporters: join with us -- “Take the Drive -- not the dive”

Ours is a daunting task. Much work needs to be done, starting now. We will be posting frequent messages on this website from this day forward.

We will use the print, broadcast and webcast media to communicate the rationale behind “Freedom Drive 2002.” We are ordering constitution-oriented antennae flags, bumper stickers and decals to promote the event and to identify the vehicles participating in the Freedom Drive 2002. We hope to have promotional banners trailing from aircraft up and down the bathing beaches on all coasts during July and August. We will be relying on experts in the transportation industry for the details behind the drive on DC.

Above all, we will be relying on the unified body of the We The People Congress, and especially the county and state coordinators, to help plan, coordinate and execute Freedom Drive 2002.

For the first time in our country's history, the People will institutionalize vigilance -- that is, the country is going to have an organized, critical mass of ordinary, non-aligned citizens dedicated to intelligently and rationally confronting unconstitutional and otherwise illegal behavior by government.

We the People Congress will seek to return popular sovereignty and constitutionally limited government to our nation.

The time for unity is upon us. Let us unite for Freedom Drive 2002.

Acta Non Verba.

Route Overview:

Freedom Drive begins Veteran's day weekend, November (9th/10th). The main easterly route is Interstate-70 starting in Denver. Participants should plan to meet up on the route at the designated cities prepared to depart on the designated mornings.

The main West Coast “kick-off” cities will be Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Five rally and “sync-up” cities have been identified. They are:

Salt Lake City, Utah    LEAVE     Sunday AM    November 10        

Denver, Colorado     LEAVE    Monday AM    November 11        

Kansas City, Missouri    LEAVE    Tuesday AM    November 12        

Indianapolis, Indiana    LEAVE    Wednesday AM    November 13        

Frederick / Maryland    LEAVE    Thursday AM    November 14         

Washington, DC    ARRIVE    Thursday @ NOON            

Specific details about Freedom Drive kick-off events, rally locations, departure times, road/travel logistics/procedures, detailed rally city maps, etc. will be released in the near future. All drivers need to be ready to DEPART each rally city in the AM of the designated day. Some rally point events for drivers may be scheduled the evening before departing a rally city.

Drivers coming from all points North and South should drive to I-70 and join the Drive at the nearest point possible, preferably at a rally city “intersection”.

There are approximately 10 driving hours between each of the “rally” cities. Drivers leaving from east of Indianapolis should plan their travels to arrive in DC before noon. All drivers should plan to be within 1-2 driving hours of DC by the evening of Wednesday, 11/13.

Drivers coming from West Coast cities and western states should plan their schedules accordingly to join the main drive in Salt Lake and/or Denver. Drivers from the Northwest should rally in Salt Lake and will take Interstate-80 east to Denver, via Cheyenne, Wyoming. Drivers from the LA area and the general Southwest will rally first in Denver, bypassing Salt Lake City.

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