From the September 2002 Idaho Observer:

Political prisoner sent to solitary, then moved

Yurko supporters claim prisoner officials' charges of conspiracy, insurrection are bogus

If you are a parent who has been or will be accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome, Alan Yurko is the most important man in the world right now. Yurko is serving life plus 10 years for shaking his baby to death as a cover for medical malpractice. Yurko is an extremely intelligent and charismatic man who has, from behind prison walls, accomplished something that no other person has: He has gotten the world's leading anti-vaccine authorities all going in the same direction to achieve a common goal -- win a high profile and extremely well-documented case that will give rise to legal action against vaccine manufacturers. The problem now is that Yurko was placed into solitary August 28 and as of Sept. 8, moved as far away as Florida state lines will allow.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Alan Yurko, 32, was placed in solitary confinement at the Washington Corrections Facility in Florida August 28, 2002, for alleged insurrection and conspiracy to organize an uprising. Yurko supporters are convinced that the charges are a fabrication intended to silence the wrongfully convicted and outspoken anti-vaccine activist.

Yurko was sentenced to serve life plus 10 years for allegedly shaking his baby to death. Since his 1998 conviction, Yurko has rallied the international anti-vaccination movement behind his case because there is no question that vaccines administered by Baby Alan's pediatrician were contraindicated. With the help of expert witnesses from all over the world, Yurko appealed his conviction last March and was patiently awaiting the day his appeal would be heard in the Florida Court of Appeals. “Alan would never jeopardize his case by inciting or inspiring a prison riot,” commented Yurko's wife Francine.

Alan spends nearly all his time in prison corresponding with dozens of physicians, scientists, anti-vaccine advocates and is in demand by scientific, medical and alternative health journals for his well-written articles. Though prolific in his writing, Francine claims her husband maintains a “low profile” among the prison population. According to Francine, “Alan has never had a single disciplinary report while in prison -- and that's a rather notable achievement for any prisoner, or so I'm told.”

Medically and scientifically Yurko's case is seamless. In the process of winning his high-profile case he will expose the national Shaken Baby Syndrome epidemic as a cover for damage caused by vaccines in malnourished infants. His case has undoubtedly attracted the attention of the world's vaccine producers and they would like to prevent his appeal from being heard.

According to Francine, Alan recently began receiving a publication called Florida Prison Legal Perspective (FPLP) which reports the outcome of recent cases. The latest edition reported on a case involving Aramark -- the company that contracts food/kitchen service for all of Florida's prisons.

Although Alan hasn't read the article, he's been told that it documented Aramark's problems with other prisons and from what Alan's gathered, the other prisoners there have attempted to plan a boycott of food. Prisoners are being urged, by each other, to not go to eat (meals are optional there) as a protest. Word got to the administration of this and on August 28, Alan was taken and placed in solitary confinement.

“With the appeal looming and the hundreds of letters Alan gets, he barely has time to sleep let alone lead some sort of prisoner protest. Moreover, Alan is not liked by fellow prisoners and couldn't 'lead' anything in prison. If a revolt broke out, Alan would be among those the revolters would hurt or kill first,” Francine explained.

While in solitary Yurko wrote his wife a letter that explained his dire situation. “Before I was locked up (solitary), security staff 'interrogated' me. I was told that if I didn't tell them what they wanted to know they would 'hook me up' and make sure I spent much time in confinement. Well, I tried to tell them that I really don't associate with my fellow prisoners and really didn't know what they were wanting from me. Interesting though, they locked up over a dozen people and from what I can tell, these are all subscribers to FPLP. My guess is that they locked up all or most of us who subscribe to FPLP in an attempt to 'contain' any 'unrest'. So, I'm in a little box here in Florida in the apex of summer heat. What luck!”

Yurko continued, “Actually, I know how to deal with solitary so worry not - my first 10 months were done in solitary cells. However, this really restricts me in what I can do to keep the momentum of Yurko Project going. I have no connection to this dragnet (all my energies go towards the appeal and Yurko Project business) other than I subscribe to FPLP. “

Yurko supporters believe this is merely a ploy to obstruct his quest for justice. The prison officials are well aware of his networking and they know he is well on his way to an overturned conviction. The courts, the prison system and the pharma cartel would prefer that justice not prevail in Yurko's case. Though the prison has on several occasions frustrated Yurko's attempts to conduct research and network his resources, this is by far the most serious mechanism yet employed.

Help Yurko

Francine just called The IO. Yurko has been moved to a facility at the extreme west end of the Florida panhandle. The move is obviously intended to delay, obstruct and frustrate Yurko's attempts to achieve justice in his case and, therefore, the cases of hundreds of other innocent parents in prisons all over the U.S. who have been convicted of shaking their babies as a cover for medical malpractice through the administration of potentially lethal vaccines.

Alan has helped many people and puts his own struggle on hold at the drop of a hat to assist people. He shares his knowledge and resources with all. Please send faxes and make contact with the higher-ups. Tell them you are concerned that Alan's civil rights, moral rights and legal rights are being violated and that you wish for a full investigation as to why he and his family are being subjected to this. If any of you have any friends of influence or such, please help.

Below is contact information:

Florida Department of Corrections
PHONE: (850) 488-7480
FAX: (850) 922-2848

Warden at WCI
PHONE: (850) 773-6100
FAX: (850) 773-6252

You can help the Yurko project in many ways. Contact Kathleen at: or send a donation to:

The Yurko Project
P.O. Box 585965
Orlando, Florida 32858-5965

The Yurko Project website is at

Alan Yurko #AX13917
Century Institution
400 Tedder Rd.
Century, FL 32535

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