From the August 2002 Idaho Observer:

The Continuing Circle of Destruction

In the beginning, there was uncertainty. Man was uncertain about his fate, his future and his continuance on this mortal coil. As survival was paramount in his mind, exploration was beyond question and thought. Following “tradition” and “accepted policy” kept him alive and his families fed, regardless of the suffering and pain he endured on a daily basis.

Most choose to simply “get along”. After all, it is safer to believe that those who are punished or killed must have done something wrong to deserve their fate.

In any society, there are those that think “this is not right,” and who long for a different life. There has always existed “the unconquered territory.” A land none has dared venture into - a land rife with threats to life and limb -- the “promised land” of lore and myth. And of hope.

It is the strong of body and heart who send themselves into the void, chancing upon their luck and bravery to secure a new home -- a home free of unkind rulers, free of a life lived at the whim of others and free of the entanglements and colors of civilization; a land they can mold unto their own needs, wnats and desires.

So the strong, healthy and able men and women set forth. They barter their meager ownings for the goods of a survivor: a rifle, ammunition, food, thick and warm clothing, a trusty and strong animal of burden, medicine, and other trappings necessary for a journey of faith and determination.

On this trip, it is only the strong of body, faith and conviction that survive. This is neither contrived at the hand God, 'nor is it at the hands of fate. It is the will of the universe that only the strong can survive the hardships dealt to those that strike at the very heart of evil and oppression. The moral, personal and ethical concepts that guide these people are the solace, power and source for their search.

“Lo! Set from thee thy travels and travails and behold! This is the promised land, amongst which we shall dwell.” And they, after arduous journey, have found succor in the land they sought.

The weak and cowardly have not seen the ends of trails, as they have died off. Inability, or unwillingness to perform the acts of ruthlessness necessary for survival amongst and within a deadly environment weeds out the failures and assures that only the strongest survive to continue the breed. A society is therefore born, upon the wings of the brave and sincere.

As objections, threats and dangers are thereby vanished, this society flourishes. Dwellings, roads and trade soon take the place of battle, hunger and sickness. Now that the dangers of discovery have been thwarted and conquered by the “old ones,” there is a new crop of visitors: those who want a safer and smoother transition unto freedom. Now come the shop keepers, the ladies, the gentlemen, the bootblacks, the laborors.

Soon, with the advent of normalcy and security, comes the breaker of spirits and determination: Complacency. The old ones have not had to fight the battles for survival for so long, that survival is no longer a necessity, but an accepted continuance. The sharpened lances of past battles are placed aside, to be stared at by a new batch of safe, well-fed, wide eyed children. The concept of exploration, conquest and survival have been relegated to the status of “myth” and hold a negligible place in the hearts of those who now take for granted the lifestyle that was bought with the blood of the old ones.

This society has now garnered a place of acceptance within the societies of the region. The people are now assured of continuance. It's an easy “row to hoe” for the town.

Then, with all threat having succumbed to time itself, another breed moves in. These are the gamblers, the politicians, the prostitutes, the dealers in debasement of both the soul and the mind. Now comes the downfall.

“Protect the downtrodden,” “show pity on the weak,” “the disabled have rights too,” “house and cloth the less able,” “sexual perversion is acceptable,” “God is dead,” “achievers owe underachievers,” “only the bad flourish,” “who are you to evaluate what's right,” and the epitaph of a society: “You are evil, and shall therefore be punished for arguing against us.”

This condemns the Founders' thoughts of morality, ethics and honor to a place of smoke and invalidation, never to be allowed the light of understanding.

All physical matter have rules of survival. A rock, a lake, a man, a society. If a society is created and thrives, therefore it's “rules” are valid, otherwise it would not be. To change those rules would result in a different outcome. This society has had it's rules changed, therefore the outcome will mirror it's new rules. This is not my law, but a simple axiom of this universe: CAUSE=EFFECT. This perversion of the original creative thoughts of the Founders have been proven, over 6,000 years of man's repeating history, to lead only into the grave, and to the failure of the society.

Since the beginning of time, there have been those amongst us who so fear their fellow man that their goal is the complete subjugation of him. And through subjugation and slavery, make all mankind “equal” and no longer a threat to their evil plans.

With such slavery, they can control how, when and what we think and do.

These creatures live within all societies, masquerading as politicians, doctors, firemen, clerks -- even your neighbors might be amongst those who wish you evil and slavery. They resent it when man shows initiative.

They fear those who not only have the ability to rise above the norm, but have the willingness to do so. They abhor any activities which promote the raising of intelligence or ethics in man.

They openly advocate the destruction of positive moral values, while attempting to replace morals, ethics and honor with acts and thoughts so disgusting that, in years past, they would have been hanged or (at the very least) exiled to a lonely shore for even contemplating them.

Look about: who around you displays these attributes?

These are the enemy of the common man. Know them.

Mark them as such, for they are the death of freedom.

I am...

The Gunrunner

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