From the August 2002 Idaho Observer:

Rabies: Politics, not a disease

by Millicent Morden, MD

I am a medical doctor, realizing that animals are entirely different from human beings in their reaction to drugs and diseases. I have served, without pay, as an experimental animal in order to help humanity.

The fits and foamings and droolings which are called rabies can be inflicted on animals by improper methods. I have never seen a case of genuine rabies, nor have I met anyone who has during a search of five different countries.

Rabies old superstition which is a relic from the time when devils ran to and from man and animal carrying diseases.

In Pasteur's time a favorite method of diagnosis was to inject rats and rabbits with the saliva of the supposed mad dog. The animals died in horrible rabic convulsions. The doctors then tried saliva from their own mouths and, Lo, the animals died in similar convulsions. This method of diagnosis was then discontinued but, lately, the rat method has reappeared.

Rabies is a disease of politics. Black and white evidence is available to show that a campaign was planned and is being carried out to compel the injections of all cows and dogs throughout the nation...big business!

Nothing has ever been found in the head or body of a human being or animal to indicate that there is such as disease as rabies.

The dog has no rabies to give you and could not give it to you if he had. This the scientific laboratories have proved but money keeps that fact from the public.

Studies of the blood and tissue show that because a human being has no dog flesh he cannot possibly suffer a dog disease. If this were possible we humans would have all been dead of distemper.

Dr. Dulles of Philadelphia offered a reward of $3,000 for a genuine case of rabies over a period of 23 years. He was called to all parts of the country. A letter before his death states, “I have never seen a case of rabies or hydrophobia.”

At the time of Pasteur, politics started to interfere with the science of medicine and rabies remedies took a turn to the dreadful. From that time to present the so-called anti-rabic injections have been, and are extracted from the mashed up brains and spinal cords of animals that have been tortured to death.

Under no circumstances would I give nor receive the Pasteur treatment. This weird concoction has killed dogs by the hundreds. We all know several individual cases of death. I would sooner kill a dog than ruin it for life. Again, I say this voodoo mixture could not cure or prevent anything. Prevent so-called rabies by vital food, drink and proper care.

~From Rabies Radio Address, WWRL, January 25, 1947


An interesting thought: We now live in an age where animal diseases are jumping into people. Is that because our bodies now contain alien genetic material from vaccines cultured in animal tissue?

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Hari Heath

Vaccination Liberation -

We suffer the politics and economics of diseases -- not disease itself

It is commonly said in circles that hold a wholistic approach to health that one does not die from the disease but lack of or improper treatment. Indeed, no person has ever died from smallpox but from secondary infections such as pneumonia. Proper treatment of the original infection removes the danger of the treatable secondary infection. However, the pharmaceutical industry lobbies Congress to instill fear of smallpox into the people so that it can sell billions of dollars worth of vaccines. Rabies is another story. Contrary to our widely held beliefs, it is not even a disease, it's a form of malnutrition. But again, instill in people the fear that only a rabies shot will prevent their becoming “mad” if bitten by a “rabid” animal and you have created a $multi-billion marketplace out of thin air. In this bizarre age, everything is not as it seems. We can take nothing for granted and must rely on our own critical thinking skills when it comes to our own health.

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