From the August 2002 Idaho Observer:

Freedom Drive 2002

Freedom Drive 2002

Take the drive or support the drive -- do not accept the dive

The rights of government are those given to it by the people as memorialized in the Constitution. Those “rights” not granted to the government by the people as provided in the Constitution have been stolen. If there is some disagreement between the people and the government as to which rights are constitutional and which are stolen, it is incumbent upon a government of by and for the people to settle the dispute.

For the sake of this missive, let us call the arena for dispute resolution the court of public opinion. Specific to the income tax, the federal government refuses to show up in court as scheduled.

What happens when we fail to show up in court? We are held in contempt of court with a presumption that we are guilty of the charges which prompted the proceeding in the first place. A warrant is then issued for our arrest.

The federal government is guilty of contempt for failure to appear in the court of public opinion. With that contempt charge is a presumption of guilt. We The People have issued a metaphorical warrant for the federal government's virtual arrest -- it is called Freedom Drive 2002.

We The People Foundation has played a brilliant game of chess. They moved the federal government into check by forcing it to appear in the court of public opinion Feb. 27-28, 2002. It moved out of check by simply not appearing.

If you know the income tax is illegal and the IRS is the collection agency for the biggest extortion racket in history, then you must realize that We The People Foundation has taken the case as far as it can go by itself. It now needs the We The People Congress, which is all of us who know the truth, to take over.

This is our opportunity. Failure is not an option. If you know the truth it is time to make a stand. Support the We The People Congress and Freedom Drive 2002. Not all of us can actually take the drive due to prior commitments, finances or health reasons. But, there are numerous ways that you can help increase the likelihood that We The People Congress will force the federal government to answer questions about the income tax before the court of public opinion.

If you cannot take the drive, here's how you can help:

1. Help supply drivers from your area with funds for gas, food and lodging

2. Become a We The People Congress coordinator for your state or county and organize drive participants and logistical support in your area.

3. If you live near a route (see page 1) offer to provide food, gas or lodging

4. If you know of an owner of a gas station, hotel, RV Park, restaurant or other service business that may be sympathetic to the cause, encourage them to contact We The People and offer discounts to Freedom Drive participants.

5. Contact TV, radio, newspaper and magazine editors in your area. Tell them when We The People Congress will be rolling through town and why. Direct them to contact We The People for interviews and press releases (see below for contact information).

6. Obtain copies of We The People ads that appeared in USA Today last year and distribute them in your community.

7. Tell everyone you know about Freedom Drive and encourage them to participate in one or more of the ways indicated above or learn more about the income tax by visiting the website at

8. Contact the coordinator for your area (listed on the website at and ask them what else can be done to support the drive.

Freedom Drive 2002

The Idaho Observer has committed to taking the drive. We have also committed to being the Bonner County coordinator for this historic event. For Freedom Drive 2002 to have the necessary impact we will all need to make a contribution of whatever time or resources we can afford.

Please fill out the form and send it to the address below.

________I pledge to help drivers in my area with gas, food or lodging

________I pledge to become a state or county Freedom Drive coordinator

________I pledge to encourage local businesses to offer Freedom Drive discounts

________I pledge to help bring local media attention to the Freedom Drive

________I pledge to educate my community with We The People literature

________I pledge to tell friends and family members about Freedom Drive

________I pledge to locate the coordinator in my area and ask what else can be done

Name ____________________________________________________



State____________________ Zip___________________________



A check for $____________________________ is enclosed.

Please forward it to:

We The People Congress
2458 Ridge Road
Queensbury, NY 12804

(518) 656-3578

(Please make checks payable to We The People/Freedom Drive Fund)

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