From the August 2002 Idaho Observer:

Freedom Drive 2002

Freedom Drive 2002:

This coming November, all roads lead to D.C.

All authority not granted to the government by the people through the Constitution has been stolen

by We The People

Bob Schulz is following through on his personal pledge to do whatever is necessary to defend the unalienable rights of the People.

Schulz, Chairman of the We The People Congress is traveling across the nation to organize Freedom Drive 2002. Freedom Drive is a mass civil action in direct response to the U.S. Government's failure to respond to the citizens' repeated petitions for redress of grievances regarding the federal income tax system.

On June 17th, Schulz publicly announced that he will no longer file tax returns or pay income taxes because the federal government, in flagrant violation of the 1st Amendment, refuses to answer to formal charges that the U.S. tax system is unconstitutional, was born of fraud and is enforced without regard to due process or our civil rights.

Among the well documented charges leveled by Schulz (and thousands of others) is that the U.S. Government refuses to officially declare the specific legal basis of their purported jurisdiction to impose income taxes on average Americans. IRS and DOJ persistently refuse to cite any law that specifically imposes a legal duty on average Americans liable to pay income taxes or withhold taxes.

The government's ongoing and widespread campaign of seizing and threatening our civil rights (e.g., the USA Patriot Act, the “reconsideration” of the Posse Comitatus Act, etc.) and our natural rights (i.e., life, liberty and property) must be stopped -- and reversed.

The real threats to this nation come from those who would attack our Constitution. Freedom Drive 2002 is the chance for America's voice to be heard: “Enough is Enough.”

Throughout July and August, We the People has scheduled speaking engagements for Schulz at locations throughout the country. The purpose of his presentations is to explain the three-year process that has necessitated a national display of non-violent civil disobedience (Freedom Drive 2002) in protest of the income tax.

Specific times and locations will be announced on Schulz's web page at as they are confirmed.

“I don't know why anybody would pay this tax after seeing the sworn testimony of former IRS agents, attorneys and CPAs. The legal documentation is substantial, startling and incontrovertible. To this moment it has gone unrefuted by the U.S. government,” Schulz said.

Schulz makes it clear it is the limitless greed for ill-gotten federal tax monies, extorted daily from working citizens, that is the root cause of our withering manufacturing job base, irreversible social decay, boundless political corruption and the systematic theft of our Constitutionally protected rights.

Not only is the income tax system inefficient, invasive, destructive and morally incompatible with a free society, the tax system is patently unconstitutional and enforced without regard to due process and without any bona fide basis in law that the government can cite.

Schulz continued, “People need to think about this: The government is using our own money, via the income tax system, to systematically finance the sale and seizure and destruction of our rights, wealth and freedom. The U.S. Treasury has been auctioned off to the highest bidders -- be they corporations, foreign governments, political contributors or those who seek limitless 'entitlements.'

“This is not how the Constitution was designed. This is not freedom. It is time to expose the fraud of the income tax system and to 'pull-the-plug' on the unlawful financing of an unconstitutional government. It is time for the People to reclaim and defend their Constitution.”

Schulz's trip is designed to accomplish three objectives:

1. Develop the We The People Congress.

This organization will become the nationwide force that will institutionalize and organize citizen vigilance. All of our civil rights are under attack. No “single issue” rights group yet has successfully restored any lost right or even stemmed the erosion or practical seizure of a right -- including the venerable NRA.

It is time for the members of these rights groups to understand the inherent limitations of “single issue” skirmishes led by lobbying organizations.

It is time for the People themselves to join forces and act collectively. Government, at all levels must be forced back within the limits of the state and federal Constitutions. The WTP Congress is apolitical and non-aligned.

Any citizen can now find their local and state WTP Congress Coordinator via a new search engine on the WTP web site. Everyone is asked to join the Congress, contact his or her local coordinator and pitch in to save the Constitution.

If you can handle a more involved role please volunteer as a coordinator -- even if it's only on a temporary basis. Some state coordinator positions are still open.

2. Generate publicity for the Freedom Drive 2002.

The drive is a mass civil demonstration to show government that Americans will not tolerate an unconstitutional government. The action is a warning for the government from the People. This event will not be easily ignored by either our elected officials or the dominant media.

The drive starts Veterans' Day weekend this November from the West Coast. Caravans of trucks, cars and vans will stream from all points north and south, massing toward I-70 and moving east across Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and into Pennsylvania, eventually converging in Washington, D.C. at noon on Thursday, November 14th. More details will be released soon.

3. Get the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing into as many hands as possible.

The hearing record (See ad below) contains evidence and sworn testimony that our income tax system is the largest fraud ever perpetrated on a “free” People. Among the facts uncovered at the February hearing in D.C.:

* Former IRS agents testified that they have NO delegated legal authority to seize property or wages, or to in any way enforce the federal income tax.

* Legal documents clearly show the federal government does NOT have legal jurisdiction inside the 50 states to impose any tax (sales or income).

* IRS fraudulently trains its agents to fabricate tax returns for non-filers even though IRS agents have no legal authority under the law to do so.

* Testimony of a forensic accountant shows hard evidence that IRS agents unlawfully and routinely tamper with taxpayer computer files to illegally “assess” taxes and then certify those “assessments” for the courts.

Schulz and the Congress are also considering a series of larger, “Freedom Revival” events to be held in September and October before the November Freedom Drive. These events would entail a series of inspirational speakers and large public gatherings.

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