From the August 2002 Idaho Observer:

“I consider this matter closed,” says Robinson

Prosecutor, sheriff ignore new evidence, evidence tampering in Prewitt wrongful conviction case

SANDPOINT -- Rex Prewitt was asleep on his couch the night of January 25, 1999. His dogs began to bark so he got up to see what they were barking at. He opened the door, dogs rushed out, a flashlight blinded him a split second before he was hit with pepper spray. Then he was shot through the left and and right shoulder. Prewitt, in shock and asking repeatedly (according to a witness), “Why did you shoot me,” vaguely remembers being asked where his guns were -- he thought he was being robbed and that the burglars were after his guns. An unloaded hand gun devoid of fingerprints was photographed by police at the scene. It had what appeared to be a few pristine little drops of blood on it.

Sheriff's deputies Eric Skinner and Bill Tilson claim they were investigating a misdemeanor vandalism and that the Prewitt's license plate number matched the one called into 911. They also claim that Prewitt burst out the door and pointed the gun at Skinner. They also claim to have approached the Prewitt's secluded home with emergency flashers on and that there was a porch light on. They also claim to have announced who they were moments before Prewitt burst out the door and pointed an unloaded gun at them.

Witnesses claim neither patrol car had its emergency flashers on. Witnesses claim the Prewitt house was dark and no porch light was on. Prewitt claims he had no idea who had shot him until long after the incident occured.

If the inconsistencies in his case were the size of a hill in 1999, they have become a mountain by 2002.

These letters center around the controversy of evidence tampering. The prosecutor accuses Prewitt attorneys for any evidence tampering that may have occured. Prewitt responded by insisting that an evidence tampering investigation be conducted by Robinson's office. Robinson replied by saying, “I have no intention of calling for an investigation...” and concluded his letter by stating, “I consider this matter closed.”

But this matter is not closed, evidenced by subsequent letters by Robinson in which he insists the matter is closed but will not put the matter to rest with a simple forensic examination.

We have also learned that the Prewitt's license plate number was called in to the Idaho State Police FOUR MINUTES BEFORE THE 911 CALL that supposedly prompted Skinner and Tilson's arrival at the Prewitt home that cold winter night.

A forensic crime scene investigation has also been conducted. Contrary to Robinson's claim in his July 22 letter, both he and the sheriff have seen it.

A package of irrefutable evidence is being prepared -- copies of which will be delivered far and wide to strategic locations. If the sheriff and the prosecutor will not investigate this matter on the merits of the evidence all by themselves, we have little choice but to take our case to the streets and allow public pressure to work its magic.

The two recent letters:



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