From the July 2002 Idaho Observer:

The Gunrunner

True Americans believe in the following:

All men and women, of whatever National Origin, Race, or Color, who act responsibly and honorably shall be treated with respect and honor, and should treat the deserving likewise.

In America, American citizens have precedence over non-citizens.

Only American citizens have the right to receive ANY BENEFITS DERIVED FROM AMERICAN TAXES.


Any person who is found to have ILLEGALLY entered U.S. borders should be IMMEDIATELY deported, along with any person who helped them, with all property being forfeit to the State Government in which they are caught.

Only citizens who receive NO GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES should be allowed to vote. Anyone who receives any of the following are literally “paid voters” for the Liberal Socialistic Democrat Party. These people chronically vote for more Government in our lives:

Welfare - Food Stamps - AFDC - Farm Subsidies - Housing Grants or ANY form of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION programs

No Socialist, Communist or ANY member of a Socialist or Communist organization (such as Teamsters Union, AFL-CIO, the NEA, or ANY other Union) should be allowed to vote in either a City, County, State or Federal election in the United States. These people promote only those politicians amongst us who promote Socialism and who work toward the destruction of the American way.

As in ancient Greece, all citizens are expected to participate in running our Republic. This is done by understanding the concepts behind our Constitution; demanding our elected officials LIVE UP to our Constitution and by voting good men (and women) into office and by throwing all Socialists out of office. We must be a shining example to other nations that honor, pride and patriotism can work.

The CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and The BILL OF RIGHTS both say EXACTLY what our Founding Fathers meant them to say - not what the LIBERAL SOCIALISTIC DEMOCRAT PARTY has perverted them to mean.

Nearly every country on this planet, in one way or another, is taking money from our Government. Yet, these same countries hate and despise America. It is time we stop funding and stop exploiting Third-World nations and let them either sink or swim, depending on their OWN ethical behavior and honest efforts.

America is made up of INDIVIDUALS, not SOCIETIES! If the LIBERAL SOCIALISTS would simply GET THE HELL OFF OUR BACKS!! - the citizens of this great country could, and would, produce a saner, safer and more equitable environment in which all Americans could coexist.

The Gunrunner

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